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Summary of The Poplar Field: William Cowper

“The Poplar Field” is about the protection of ecology and the environment. In this poem, William Cowper suggests us to conserve natural beauty for human pleasure. The poem is popular for its celebration of the rural and its nostalgic tone.

William Cowper says that the poplars are cut down. So, there is neither shade nor whispering sound. The wind does not play with leaves and Ouse River does not receive the image of poplar trees. Poet says that 12 years have passed very quickly. Poet used to sit under the shade of poplars at the bank of the river. But, at present poplars are laid down on the grass and changed into the furniture.

The blackbird has flown into the next jungle for shelter. So, there is no more charming song of birds. Poet is worried about his fleeting years. Very short and our enjoyments are shorter than this. Cutting down the trees or destroying nature means destroying our own pleasure.

To sum up, William Cowper advocates for the conservation of forests. We are responsible for the conservation of forests. We are responsible for the destruction of natural beauty. So, it is our responsibility to protect nature. Nature is life for us. Destruction of jungle and overuse of natural resources means destroying our own life and pleasure, …

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