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Link English – Dictionary Use | Solution

Link English

Alphabetical Order: 1. Put the following words in correct alphabetical order: a. Gesture, gaseous, garret, gown, geeseAns: Garret, gaseous, geese, gesture, gown b. priest, persist, plus, pneumonia, pad, pod.Ans: pas, persist, pneumonia, pod, priest c. badge, bang, barber, banner, bacteria, bailAns: bacteria, badge, bail, bang, banner, barber d. decent, decant, decay, debris, debrief, decampAns: debrief, … Read more

Summary of In Bed | Magic of Words | Grade XI

Summary of In Bed

Summary of In Bed: Joan Didion ‘In Bed’ is an essay by American writer Joan Didion. In this essay, she describes migraine headache, which is recurrent one side pain and hereditary disease. Didion shares her personal experience of migraines. Migraine can’t be cured permanently. It can be prevented by using drugs and injections. Although it … Read more

Summary of The Gardener | Magic of Words | Grade XI

Summary of The Gardner

Summary of The Gardener: Rudyard Kipling “The Gardener” presents Kipling’s anger for the shallowness of society, which is against the human feeling of individual desire. Kipling shows deep respect for individual feelings. Major character Helen Turrell is compelled to hide the bitter reality of her life. She lies about her own son to save herself … Read more

Summary of On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness | Magic of Words | Grade XI

Summary of On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness

Summary of On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness: Arthur Guiterman In “On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness” the poet makes us realize that earthy greatness is only for a temporary purpose, it decays and becomes meaningless along with passing time. Poet attacks over the people who are proud of their mane, power, and pelf (Wealth). … Read more