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55 + Material Noun Examples, What is Material Noun Definition

material noun

Material Nouns Examples with full sentence: Oxygen is very much essential for life on Earth. The lady bought a golden watch Ramu is allergic to meat. My hen does not lay eggs. Diamond rings are very popular among youngsters. Father brought me new clothes for my birthday. Consuming alcohol can make you a cancer patient. … Read more

Basic Guide And 12 Types Of Verb Tenses

verb tenses 2

Verb Tenses The word verb tenses give an explanatory sentence on something, either present, past, or future. Verb tenses come in three different ways: As we said above, it deals with the present, past, and future. Furthermore, the past is utilized to describe things that have already happened today, yesterday, two weeks ago, or two … Read more

50+ Fill in the blanks with correct form of verb with examples

correct form of verb with examples

Fill in the blanks with correct form of verb with examples 1 .Raju ….. Football Played Plays Playing 2. They are ….. Food Cooks Cooked Cooking 3. He …. about the meeting Forgotten Forgot Forgetting 4. Rani is ….. a beautiful song. Singing Sings Sang 5. Boss ….. him to the meeting. Invites Invited Inviting … Read more

What Is An Abstract Noun? What They Are And How To Use Them

Abstract noun

We can describe an Abstract nouns as elusive thoughts—things you can’t see with the five principles detects. Words like time, beauty, love, and science are all abstract nouns since you can’t contract them or see them. Without a real edge of reference, abstract nouns can be difficult to nail down with punctuation rules. Because in … Read more