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Summary of Concrete Cat: Dorthy

‘Concrete Cat’ is an example of a concrete poem. This is a visual poem for the eye. Poet Dorthy gives priority to physical appearance, not for ideas or emotions. So, she reduced language but tries to convey a message. In this poem, the poet may be telling us about a cat but may be showing its “catness” in action. The actions of the cat are expressed through black and white letters on a page.

Capital letters ‘A’ indicates to the alert and pointed ears and capital ‘Y’ for opened and sharp eyes. Use of capital ‘U’ shows a cat’s tongue, might be licking something. Stripe is used as a pun; stripe means a long band of color and at the same time trips mean stomach tissue of mouse those are eaten by a cat. This is the figurative use of language. Upside sown mouse stands for a dead mouse.

A concrete cat is very humorous poem without having. A concrete cat is a very humorous poem without having a concrete sentence structure but the poet has become able to convey meaning.

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