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Romanian Government Scholarships for 2024 Admissions to BS, MS, and PhD

Romanian Government Scholarships for 2024 Admissions to BS, MS, and PhD: Applications are now being accepted for the Romanian Government Scholarships 2024-2025, which are sponsored by the education ministry of the Romanian government for overseas students for the academic year 2024-2025.

Coverage and Advantages of Romanian Government Scholarships

The following amenities are offered to scholarship recipients from Romania’s minister of foreign affairs:

  • exemption from the payment of registration fees, processing of the application, testing of Romanian language proficiency, supporting the competition for doctoral admission, and supporting the specific aptitude tests;
  • funding the tuition costs for the Romanian language preparatory year; funding the tuition costs for the actual studies, but not for longer than the duration of a university cycle, in line with the study program pursued;
  • granting a monthly scholarship to students enrolled in the Romanian language preparatory year; granting a monthly scholarship to students enrolled in undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies, respectively, in post-university education, including in the field of health;
  • financing the costs of housing in the dorms for students using the MER budget, up to the grant’s maximum amount;
  • In accordance with the applicable national law, medical assistance in the event of medical-surgical emergencies and diseases that may be endemic or epidemic;
  • local, surface, naval, and underground transportation; and internal car, rail, and naval transportation in the same manner as students from Romania;

How many scholarships are offered by the Romanian Government in total?

In accordance with Romanian law, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Ministry of Education and Research (hereinafter, MER) will manage the distribution of 85 undergraduate and graduate scholarships from the Romanian government to the overseas students.

Requirements for Romanian Government Scholarships

  • foreign nationals arriving from every country in the world—aside from those that are EU members. Such scholarships are available for both residents of nearby historic Romanian settlements and foreigners of Romanian ancestry.
  • The scholarship applicant cannot be a Romanian citizen, cannot have requested or received protection while living in Romania, cannot be a stateless person whose presence on Romanian soil is legally recognized, cannot be a member of the diplomatic corps accredited to Bucharest or a member of the family of a member of the diplomatic corps accredited in Romania, and cannot have previously received a scholarship from the Romanian government for the same course of study.
  • The applicant for the scholarship must provide study documents from accredited or recognized educational institutions, have good academic performance, or an average of at least 7 (seven) study years, which corresponds to the Romanian scoring system or the “Good” score, as the case may be.
  • The scholarship applicant must not have reached the age of 35 for undergraduate and master’s degree programs and 45 for doctorate or postgraduate programs as of December 31 of the year in which he or she was nominated.

The Romanian Federal government Scholarships are awarded for 3 sort of level courses for global trainees:

  • Undergrad Degree Courses: This scheme is committed to graduates of secondary schools or of equivalent pre-university studies, along with to prospects that need the continuation of their research studies in Romania. The full cycle of university studies lasts for 3 to 6 years, according to the particular requirements of the picked faculty, as well as finishes with a final evaluation (licență).
  • Master Degree Courses: This plan is dedicated to grads of university/post-graduate researches; it lasts for 1,5 to 2 years and ends with the protection of a final degree
  • Doctoral Degree Courses: This system is committed to the grads of university/postgraduate studies (i.e. master); it lasts for 3-4 years, in keeping with the details requirements of the selected professors, as well as finishes with a medical professional’s thesis. Admission to a Ph.D. course is conditioned by an entry evaluation.
  • The fields are the following (indicative checklist): style, aesthetic arts, Romanian culture and also people, journalism, political as well as administrative sciences, education and learning sciences, social and also human scientific researches, technical research studies, oil as well as gas, farming scientific researches, veterinary medication. Scholarships are NOT awarded in the fields of medicine, dental medication, and pharmacy.

Language Requirements for Romanian Government Scholarship Applications:

Romanian Universities’ Medium of Instruction

The recipients of scholarships provided by the Romanian government shall only study in Romanian in order to promote the Romanian language and culture among foreigners. Candidates who do not speak Romanian are given an additional year of preparation to learn it.

When registering for programs to teach Romanian as a foreign language, the following groups of people are excused from the requirement to present the Certificate of graduation from the preparatory year:

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individuals presenting Romanian studies (diplomas and certificates) or educational documents, school settings attesting at least four years of continuous study in the Romanian language in a facility or institution under the Romanian national system; individuals promoting the Romanian language test conducted in accordance with the regulations in individuals who, for the purpose of enrolling in the university education.

How can I submit an application for a scholarship from the Romanian government?

Diplomatic missions must receive application materials. Application materials sent by mail, delivered directly to the MFA or the MER, or received after the deadline has been set, will NOT be considered.

Documents needed to apply for a Romanian Government Scholarship in 2024 are listed below:

The following documents must be submitted with the application for a Romanian Government Scholarship:

  • official letter issued by the Romanian embassy in the country of origin or residency or the embassy of the origin country accredited to Bucharest;
  • the correctly completed MFA scholarship application form for Romania; (See the link below)
    certified copies of the study diplomas earned (baccalaureate degree or its equivalent, plus bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, if any), together with their certified translation into English, French, or Romanian, as necessary;
  • copies of matriculation sheets and diploma supplements for graduate courses that have been legally translated, if necessary;
  • a certified translation in one of the following languages: English, French, or Romanian, as well as a legalized copy of the birth certificate;
  • a duplicate of the passport’s first three pages;
  • the medical certificate attesting to the participant’s lack of communicable illnesses or other disorders that would make them unable to participate in the study;
  • Curriculum vitae, a letter of support, or a SOP from the applicant
  • two recently taken photographs in passport format.

All overseas applicants for Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarships must submit their applications by the deadline of July 31, 2023, or they will not be considered.

By December 31, 2023, foreign embassies accredited in Bucharest must submit their application packets to the MFA’s Public Diplomacy, Cultural and Scientific Directorate (DDPC), along with a verbal note.

The MFA committee will not review any dossiers that are incomplete or that do not adhere to the methodology and fields of study requirements. When the MFA and MER committees have evaluated the applications, the unsuccessful candidates do not receive their files back.

The following papers will also be included in the application file (but only for applicants who fit the criteria specified for each document):

  • proof of name change, including a copy and a legalized translation (where appropriate);
  • the copy and certified translation of the certificate attesting the graduates of the current academic year’s
  • passing of the baccalaureate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral examination;
  • certificate of completion of the Romanian preparatory year or, if applicable, a certificate of language proficiency;
  • Statement on parental approval for candidates who are underage (in one of the following languages: English, French or Romanian).

How can I apply for a study visa for Romania?

Candidates who have received the Letter of Acceptance for Studies from the Romanian State and the Scholarship Award Letter are able to acquire the most recent information regarding the application process for the Romanian Study Visa at this time.
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