Full-Payment Scholarships

British Council Scholarships for Free UK Study Without IELTS

Apply now to be considered for one of the fully funded Scholarships 2023 offered by the British Council, which will accept applications from UK citizens and international students from February through March of that year. These substantial British scholarships offer a variety of incentives for all Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral degree programs.

All international and UK citizen students may now apply for admission to any of the many British Universities for all topics and degree possibilities. I implore you to compile all of your academic credentials, scan them for the online application form, and start the process of applying for a UK scholarship right away.

The British Council Scholarships’ funding package for sponsorships includes:

For local and international students who are successful in receiving a fully financed UK Scholarship in 2023, the sponsorship package of British Scholarships is packed with the following specified bundle:

  • Remission of all or some of the tuition fees for British universities
  • Grants for scholarships with a variable amount
  • Payment of living expenses
  • Free use of the library and funds for books, meals, and other costs
  • Medical & Health Insurance
  • Funds for printing theses and dissertations


IELTS is not required for admission to British universities.

The exciting thing about these British scholarships is that applicants can submit applications without having to meet the IELTS criteria. Numerous UK scholarships accept IELTS Alternative exams such the DET, TOEFL, CPE, Cambridge Tests, CAEL, CAE, and others in addition to the IELTS. The majority of UK scholarships are the result of a partnership between the illustrious British Council, the UK Government, the Ministry of Education, and the admissions offices of the universities.

IELTS is not a requirement for study in the UK.

Yes! Without IELTS, it is feasible to attend school in the UK. Everyone who took an IELTS exam but did not receive the desired results or who cannot afford to take one because it is prohibitively expensive for them has this question. However, things have changed and most UK universities no longer require IELTS certificates if applicants submit IELTS alternative test certificates. So what I’m trying to say is that applicants can be accepted to UK institutions and receive these scholarships without submitting IELTS results!

How Can I Get A UK Study Visa Without Taking The IELTS?

Without submitting IELTS test results, interested candidates can use the following methods to get a study visa from the British Embassy:

  • Obtain a letter of acceptance or a scholarship offer from British University.
  • Obtain a letter of IELTS exemption from the same British university as well.
  • by sending a letter of acceptance from a UK university.
  • By providing the prior university’s attested documentation proving the applicant’s eligibility to apply for a study visa in the UK.

Another choice is to take the SELT exam, which the UK recommends for immigration and visa purposes.
Obtaining a UK study visa in 2023:

Short-term and Tier-4 student study visas are the two types of UK visas. Candidates can apply for a short-term study visa if they are taking a brief course for six to eight months. However, a long-term/Tier-4 (General) study visa will be issued if the stay will extend for a number of reasons.

Things needed to apply for a study visa in the UK:

There will be numerous items attached to the visa application. Candidates must submit their applications at least three months before the course begins. The list of such documents needed for applications for British Study VISAs includes;

  • Acceptance of a passport’s recent photo and details confirmation of English language proficiency from UK university Language Test results
  • Proof of financial assistance with specifics for the duration of the UK visit
  • For non-EU/EEA and Swiss citizens, an ATAS certificate
  • Fee for a UK student visa: £348

Currently, the charge for a Tier 4 (General) British student visa is £348, while the fee for a UK short-term visa is £97.

Living Cost for Students in the UK in 2023:

Those who are interested in studying in the UK must have enough money set aside to pay for their tuition, housing, food, and other necessary expenses. The average cost of living for a student in the UK is about £651/$900, but if an applicant is receiving a British Council Scholarship, the majority of the costs will be paid. These British scholarship programs are fully/partially-funded, and tuition fees pay for all academic, living, food, and medical costs.

Can students on student visas work in the UK?

The short answer is yes. Candidates who are enrolled in long-term courses at British universities are permitted to work 20 hours per week throughout their credit hours. However, those on a short-term study visa are not allowed to work or pursue other forms of employment.

British Council Scholarships Available February-March 2023:

We should now talk about all the British scholarships that the British Council provides to undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates. As previously said, a quality and inexpensive education is made available to everyone through a cooperation between the British Council, numerous British colleges, and other exchange programs.

Scholarships offered by the British Council for the month of March 2023:

The British Council released a long range of scholarships for students from particular countries and courses in March 2023. All you have to do is look for an appropriate opportunity and submit your application by the deadline.

  • Canadian Council Grants from the Newton Fund
  • Scholarships from the A.S. Hornby Trust
  • Wonderful Scholarships
  • Saltire Scholarships in Scotland
  • Chevening Awards in the United Kingdom
  • Commonwealth Awards
  • Rhodes Scholarships
  • British Council Young Cell Scheme for Women in STEM Scholarships
  • Brighton Scholarships
  • Gates Scholarships at Cambridge
  • Scholarships at Clarendon
  • Scholarships from EURAXXES
  • Salutations, UK Government Scholarships
  • Robert Wallace Trust Scholarship for Pakistan
  • The Marshall Field Award
  • Cellular Newton Fund Ph.D.
  • The Royal Society Awards
  • Canadian Council IELTS Fellowship
  • Wales globally Grants for International Students
  • Canadian Council Scholarships in China
  • Birmingham University Scholarships
  • University of Edinburgh Scholarships
  • Bristol College Consider Large Scholarships
  • Oxford Scholarships Reach

Apply Together for Scholarships from the British Council!

Here, we’ll go over each of these British Council scholarships for the March 2023 sessions in more detail:

British Newton Fund Awards

For the academic year 2023, the British Council and the Newton Foundation have developed a new package of scholarships for students, particularly those from India. Young talent will be able to attend British universities for free thanks to the British Newton Fund.

A.S. Hornby Trust Awards:

The A.S. Hornby Trust Scholarship has been announced by the Hornby Trust and the British Council. Here, the teachers of the asylum seekers will have the chance to hone and improve their English-speaking abilities. Monthly stipends, living expenses, waivers of tuition fees, flying tickets, and English language test costs will all be covered for the winners.

These deserving instructors will improve their command of the English language and have a decisive influence in their respective disciplines thanks to this scholarship from Great Britain.

Outstanding Scholarships

The most prestigious Great Scholarship, supported by the British Council and the UK Britain Campaign, is open to students from the diverse 18 nations. This fellowship is open to postgraduate students and offers a reward of £10,000 to cover one year’s worth of tuition.

Be aware that the chosen candidates will also have the opportunity to attend the welcome event during the first semester and the networking event during the second.

Scotland Saltire Awards:

By offering the substantial Scotland Saltire scholarships, the Scottish institutions and the Scottish government are promoting education for all people. Students from the EU and EEA can choose this scholarship to enjoy a cutting-edge academic and learning environment. A total of 50 British scholarships worth between £4,000 and £8,000 are given out each year to eligible students.

Additionally, this British academic financing program is open to students pursuing Master’s degrees in Science, Technology, Healthcare & Medicine, or Renewable Energy.

British Chevening Awards:

By providing Chevening Scholarships to students enrolled in Graduate Courses, the UK government and FCO are performing an admirable job. Students who have the ability to succeed in fields like religion, politics, technology, business, media, etc. should apply for them since they stand a good possibility of being chosen. The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree and have two years of work experience in order to be eligible.

Commonwealth Scholarships

A fully financed scholarship program, Commonwealth seeks to assist students from underdeveloped or developing nations. Around 800 students can alter their life and their countries with the help of this wonderful chance. This is your chance if you believe you would be a good applicant but are unable to afford your education in the UK.

While pursuing postgraduate education, you can apply for the Commonwealth Scholarship to have your tuition and other costs, such as airfare, health insurance, meals, and books, paid for. To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must fulfill the requirements.

Rhodes Scholarships in the UK:

The British Council created the coveted Rhodes Scholarship as a means of assisting outstanding individuals from all around the world who wish to pursue postgraduate studies in the UK. Students who are awarded this scholarship will also receive round-trip economy airfare, health insurance, settling allowances, and other benefits. However, the UK scholarship will only be available for two years.

Scholarships for Women in STEM from the British Council:

Through the British Council Scholarship Program for Women in STEM, all the passionate, eager, and young women have the opportunity to create their future and finance their study. The applicants must be citizens of Egypt, Turkey, the Ukraine, Southeast Asia, or South Asia.

Please note that this is a British scholarship open to female students enrolled in their second year of a Master’s program in the subjects of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. The awardees are eligible for support for their academic, health, and living expenses.

Young Cell Scheme Awards

The Young Cell Scholarship Program has been announced by the British Council in collaboration with the Ministry of European Integration and the European Union office in Kosovo. The chosen individuals will enroll in a Master’s degree program at Trinity College Dublin for a calendar year.

The winners will get grants in the interim to pay for their applications and tuition. On the other side, the Young cell program will also provide funding for IELTS exam preparation expenses, health insurance, flights, etc.

Scholarships at Sussex University:

The British Council for Undergraduates, Graduates, and Postgraduate Students supports 500 partially financed scholarships at Sussex, the top-ranked British institution in the United Kingdom. IELTS is not required because DET and TOEFL are accepted as substitutes. Due to Sussex University’s high acceptance rate of 83%, getting accepted is not very difficult.

Candidates must also pay GBP 18 as a Sussex admission application fee while submitting their applications. Candidates must meet the academic and financial requirements in order to be considered for the scholarships offered by Sussex University. However, scholarship winners will receive a grant of 5,000 GBP for undergraduate studies and 3,000 GBP for graduate studies.

Chancellor Scholarships, Sussex Undergraduate Scholarships, Sussex Bangladesh Scholarships, among others, are notable scholarships provided by Sussex University.

University of Cambridge awards:

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is available to students living outside of the UK from Cambridge University, one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. All applicants who wish to complete their postgraduate studies here are required to submit a £75 application fee.

The acceptance rate of this university is relatively low, at 21%, thus paying the application fee does not ensure admittance. The Gates Cambridge Scholarship Entry Criteria, however, allows applicants the option to submit test results from exams other than the IELTS, such as the DET, TOEFL iBT, CAE, CPE, etc.

It will cover the expenditures of immigration, travel, health, and visas in the interim. Candidates will also get between £500 and £2,000 to cover travel costs to conferences, training sessions, and seminars. The Cambridge Master’s Studentship, Cambridge Trust Scholarship, Cambridge International Scholarship, etc. are only a handful of the well-known scholarships that Cambridge University offers.

Clarendon Awards:

International graduate and postgraduate students can apply for Clarendon scholarships. These scholarships are fiercely competitive, and the students will only be chosen based on their academic standing and achievements. The acceptance of students at Clarendon University is not based on country, and the winners will receive funding for their living and tuition costs.

Euraxxes Scholarships

Additionally, the British Council has offered funding opportunities for Ph.D. scholars and researchers. Candidates can get funding for their research, theses, and dissertations through the Euraxxes scholarship. Internationally gifted researchers and students can get financing from Euraxxes Jobs and Scholarships in order to find employment throughout Europe, not simply in the UK. Regarding the eligibility requirements, Ph.D. Doctorates from both domestic and foreign universities as well as knowledgeable and skilled Researchers are eligible to apply for the Euraxxes fellowship without having to pay a registration fee.

Warm Welcome Scholarships

A brand-new program from the British Council called the Warn Welcome Scholarship will help young people from Afghanistan study for free in UK universities starting in 2023. Students from Afghanistan can now benefit from the Warm Welcome British Scholarship to study for a BS, MS, or PhD degree in the UK this year.

Charles Wallace Trust Scholarships

The Charles Wallace Trust and the Council of British give financed fellowships and scholarships to students pursuing doctoral degrees. The unique aspect of this scholarship is that IELTS exam results are not required. However, the Fellowship lasts for three months to three years and the Doctoral Scholarship lasts for one year. The Charles Wallace Trust Scholarship covers expenses such as visa fees and air tickets.

Marshall Field Awards:

The Marshall Field Scholarship is one strategy to improve ties between the UK and the USA. These scholarships allow young Americans living in the UK to finish their graduate degrees in a variety of professions without having to pay for their travel, theses, tuition, or books. The length of the scholarship, however, varies from one to two years.

Newton Fund Cell:

A brand-new program called the Newton Fund Ph.D. scholarship is created for Ph.D. candidates from the 18 partner nations. By providing a range of Ph.D. scholarships that are partially or totally supported as well as other financial advantages, Newton Fund Scholarship assists students in conducting research and developing new ideas.

Grants from the Royal Society:

The UK’s Royal Society grant is open to nationals of the UK who are enrolled in Ph.D. programs and innovative and creative research. In addition to supporting these students’ research and other activities, the £20,000 award provided by the Royal Society for a 12-month period will also pay for their travel and equipment costs.

IELTS Scholarships from the British Council:

A new initiative created specifically for Indian students is the British Council IELTS Scholarship. The British Council funding program strives to help these students at every stage of their academic careers as they pursue undergrad, graduate, and postgraduate degrees in the UK. The advantages of this scholarship program, such as tuition reimbursement for scholarship winners, have also been made public by the British Council.

Global Wales Scholarship for International Students

International students looking to attend a Welsh university now have access to excellent bursaries and scholarships through Global Wales. The Global Wales Fund offers five different types of scholarships. For illustration;

  • Scholarships for Masters students from Global Wales
  • Bachelor’s students are eligible for the Gilman-Global Wales Awards.
  • Scholarships from Chevening for postgraduate study in Wales
  • Wales globally Indian British Council scholarship opportunities for Indian postgraduate students
  • Global Wales Fulbright Awards: for American master’s students.
  • Scholarships from the British Council for China:

If you are a UK graduate student who is eligible to enroll in an MS or PhD program at any particular Chinese university in 2023, you may apply for a British Council Scholarship to study for free in China.

Scholarships at Edinburgh University:

With a 46% admission rate and no application fees, the University of Edinburgh is one of the best universities in the UK. IELTS and TOEFL test results are currently accepted to satisfy language competency criteria, but if you don’t have either of these, you should submit results from any other English language proficiency exam accepted by that university.

For Master’s degree studies, Edinburgh University has offered a scholarship for online learning. All students from around the world are encouraged to support the Edinburgh University Scholarship Program. The list of scholarships that this university offers is quite extensive and includes the Robertsons International Scholarships, Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Scholarships, and many others.

Scholarships at the University of Birmingham:

For students from particular nations, the University of Birmingham has established a number of scholarships, including Global Master’s Scholarships. Every year, about 30 deserving students receive this scholarship, which comes with a £10,000 award and a chance to work part-time for one of the top UK businesses.

Because Birmingham University accepts 74% of applicants, entrance is not as competitive. The University of Birmingham does, however, impose a 50 GBP application fee for undergraduate and graduate programs. However, there are no application fees for postgraduate programs, and IELTS is no longer required.

Birmingham University also offers BP Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarships, and other prestigious awards.

Bristol University Think Big Awards:

Bristol University Think Big Scholarship for Bachelor’s and Master’s students has been announced by Bristol University and the Council of British. With my recommendation of the Think Big Scholarship, which is also offered by Bristol University, there are numerous highly funded scholarship programs available at Bristol University that accept applications in two rounds and offer winners prizes of £5,000 or £10,000 along with other commendable benefits.

Bristol University does not require the IELTS test, but there is an application cost of £60. Bristol University has a 68% acceptance rate, making admittance there somewhat difficult.

Bristol University, a respected institution, also offers numerous additional British scholarships, such as the Global Economics Scholarships and Beacon Scholarships.

Scholarships at Oxford University

Oxford University is among the last on my list of British Council scholarships because admission to this institution for any degree program is extremely tough. If you guys have gotten exceptionally good grades, I advise my students to apply for Oxford University Scholarships.

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