Essay on Mountaineering in Nepal

Essay on Mountaineering in Nepal

Nepal is a mountainous country. We can see much snows-capped lofty mountains. The highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest, attracts many tourists. Many people climb other mountains, too. Many Nepali Sherpa’s has employed in the field of mountaineering. They scale the mountains for the two purposes: at first to gain flame and secondly as the profession.

Mountaineering has promoted tourism in Nepal. Many foreign tourist visits to Nepal. Many foreign tourists visit Nepal to climb mountains. Especially, they want to scale Mt. Everest. It was first scaled by Tenzing and Hillary in 1953. Since then, it has been an adventure for mountain climbers. Mountaineers must possess the spirit of adventure. They have to face many problems and dangers while climbing mountains. It is an organized sport. There are many training centers throughout the world to train the mountaineers. They are taught how to accomplish the heroic task safely. Some of the lofty mountains, mountaineering has been flourished in Nepal.

The sport of mountaineering has many merits in Nepal. It has uplifted tourism by luring tourists. We can earn foreign currency from tourism. Thus, mountaineering helps us to earn foreign currency. Many Nepalese are employed in the field of mountaineering. They do not have to face the problem of unemployment. Our country Nepal has been known to all the parts of the world as mountaineering. The tourists who visit Nepal one get fascinated to visit again. They also express their views with their friends and relatives. Thus, mountaineering helps us to gain foreign currency, to solve the problem of unemployment and to make Nepal known all over the world.

Mountaineering can cause some demerits. It is a risky job. Some mountain climbers killed when climbing mountains. It causes environmental problems. The Mountaineers throw cans, bottles, plastics, etc. on the way. They pollute the environment.

Mountaineering is very important in Nepal. It boosts up the economic status of the country. The drawbacks of it are nominal. It should need to promoting appropriately. The sectors concerned have expected to pay a complete attention to gear it up.

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