Essay on Global Warming

Essay on Global Warming

Global warming refers to the unusual rise in earth’s overall temperature caused by the increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This is extremely harmful to the earth and all living beings including humans. Global warming needs to be controlled in order to create a better environment for living. For this, causes should be identified and favourable solutions need to be applied.

Global warming has become one of the major problems in the world. Both natural and manmade problems are responsible for it. Volcanic eruptions are one of the major natural causes. Carbon Dioxide and other harmful gases are released in the environment during eruptions which are accountable for global warming.

Excessive use of fossil fuels results in increased levels of greenhouse gases. Use of petroleum-based automobiles and factories powered by fossil fuels are the ones using most of the fossil fuels. Mining also causes the release of methane and other harmful gases. Feed production for livestock farming, manure storage, etc. also contributes to the generation of gases like carbon dioxide, methane, etc. ultimately causing global warming.

There are serious issues caused due to global warming. Melting of the polar ice caps, glaciers, etc. has caused an increase in the sea levels due to which many small islands are getting drowned and also sea life is affected. Also, the extinction of the various species has started. Wildlife is losing their habitats. Natural disasters like hurricanes, cyclones, etc. are increasing.

It is possible to stop the further increase of global warming but it might be challenging. Not only the government but also every individual should step forward for the betterment of the earth. Production of greenhouse gases must be regulated at first.

Use of fossil fuels should be lowered as much as possible. Electric vehicles should be prioritized. Use of public vehicles should be increased and individuals should use personal vehicles as low as possible.

Also, reusable products must be used instead of single-use products. Recycling should be increased. Industrial waste should be regulated and gases coming out from the factories should not be released in the environment until they are properly treated. Deforestation should be stopped with immediate effect. Livestock farming should be managed properly.

Due to global warming, we have already faced many problems. We must take immediate steps to stop global warming to save upcoming generations from various disasters and problems they might face if global warming is not stopped. Both the government and individuals need to be serious about this problem.

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