Essay on Jitiya Festival


Essay on Jitiya Festival Jitiya is an important festival of Nepali married women of Mithilanchal and Tharu women of all castes. This festival is named after Masabashi’s son Jimutavahana, a blessing son of the sun. Masabashi was an unmarried princess who spent her life as hermit living in a hermitage. Jitiya falls in the month … Read more

Essay on Child Labour


Essay on Child Labour Children deserve some rights such as the right to education, right to food, right to shelter, right to freedom and so on. They are not suitable to work as laborers but we can see many children working as laborers in different places. They also badly treated in the places where they work. … Read more

Essay on My Hobbies


Essay on My Hobbies Everybody needs pleasure. we have different means of entertainment. Hobby is one of the ways of entertaining doing something repeatedly. We can utilize our spare time doing something as our hobbies. Hobbies make people feel entertained. My hobby is programming, I love to code and create new logics all the time. Most of … Read more

Essay on Mountaineering in Nepal


Essay on Mountaineering in Nepal Nepal is a mountainous country. We can see much snows-capped lofty mountains. The highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest, attracts many tourists. Many people climb other mountains, too. Many Nepali Sherpa’s has employed in the field of mountaineering. They scale the mountains for the two purposes: at first to … Read more