Essay on Global Warming

essay on global warming

Essay on Global Warming Global warming refers to the unusual rise in earth’s overall temperature caused by the increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This is extremely harmful to the earth and all living beings including humans. Global warming needs to be controlled in order to create a better environment for … Read more

Essay on Social Media


ESSAY ON SOCIAL MEDIA Social media has been gaining immense popularity in today’s online space. One way or other people are connected with social media. Due to growth in its use, it has taken a valuable space in one’s life, either in a good or bad way. For many of them it has become a … Read more

Essay on Jitiya Festival


Essay on Jitiya Festival Jitiya is an important festival of Nepali married women of Mithilanchal and Tharu women of all castes. This festival is named after Masabashi’s son Jimutavahana, a blessing son of the sun. Masabashi was an unmarried princess who spent her life as hermit living in a hermitage. Jitiya falls in the month … Read more

Essay on Environment Pollution


Essay on Environment Pollution All the living beings live in nature. Because of modern urbanization, etc. The natural environment has been changed adversely. Pollution refers to the contamination of waste products which we find in our environment. It means the degradation of quality and the number of natural resources. There are different types of pollution … Read more