Essay on Child Labour

Essay on Child Labour

Children deserve some rights such as the right to education, right to food, right to shelter, right to freedom and so on. They are not suitable to work as laborers but we can see many children working as laborers in different places. They also badly treated in the places where they work. In order to preserve human dignity, child labor should be banned by everyone.

There are some causes of child labor. The main child labor is existing poverty of the parents. The parents compel their children to go to work. They become laborers for survival. The next cause of child labor is the death of the parents. When children become orphans after the death of parents, they are situationally compelled to work for survival. In addition to the causes mentioned above, there are some causes that compel the children to go to work. They are misbehavior of the parents, the influence of their friends, negative attitude of children towards education, and so on.

Similarly, there are many children working as laborers in construction sites of roads, bridges, and buildings. The children are seen involving in risky jobs, too, there. They are especially compelled to carry stones, sand, steel, rods, and other construction materials. We can see many children working as laborers in hotels and restaurants. They wash dishes, bed-clothes and serve the customers in hotels and restaurants. In addition to these places, we can see children working as porters. They carry goods from one place to another far away especially in the areas where roads have not been made yet. We can also see children laborers in the urban area, too. Similarly, many rich people keep small children as cooks and servants at home.

Child labor at present proves that the children who work as laborers fall compelled to live a miserable life. They cannot get chances to go to school. They also badly treated. When they cannot work properly, they probably tortured. Although children deserve the right to education, food, shelter, game, etc. The children working as laborers cannot get an opportunity to enjoy these right.

Child labor has to banned in order to provide children with their rights. The government and the sectors concerned must implement some programmes to help the needy children. They have to provided with opportunities to go to school. The children who are orphans we must be fed by the government.

The prime measured was utilized to cancel kid work is neediness end. If people are not poor, they definitely educate their children and never force them to work hard being laborers.

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