What Is the Difference Between a Notebook and a Netbook?

The difference between notebook and a netbook, our research shows that in 2008, mobile computer landscape donated by laptop system.

And only a few alternatives was on ground back then, like advanced PDAs, tablet PCs, and few mobile phone that was used to performed many basic computing task.

After some year later, the traditional laptop faces competition in the mobile computing market. This where different between notebook and netbook, because it was really confusing for some consumer which don’t understand.

Presently, the mobile computing world has really so changed to some extent that there a lot of competition, and while we less technically savvy people as we still trying everyday by day to figure out some things.

New devices manufactured and released consistently into the tech community, meaning that technology will keep advancing time to time and we have to adapt to it.

Now, we get so many choice as laptop not the only option today. Many other devices are available, which include the notebook, netbook, iPads and Ultrabooks rising to steal the whole thing completely.

For better understanding to what is the difference between notebook and a netbook, i will say the answer to these great question depends on where you got the idea to the meaning, because the someone can insist that PC is a netbook and while other say it’s a notebook.

Notebook and Netbook fall under the same category of computers. Notebook device is light-weight laptops made and designed in order to replace desktop computers with similar performance levels, while Netbook is ultraportable devices made and designed just to basically focus on users wanting easy internet access at any time.

Though, netbook is new in market compared to notebook which already in the market for some times now.

Also, netbook low in prices when compared to notebook. It was designed to be very light-weight, compact, less expensive and less powerful than notebook.

The screen sizes of netbook range anywhere between 5 to 10 inches.

Base on notebook, the screen size range from 12 to 17 inches which is more wider than netbook. The processing speed and other features are the same as that of a large laptop computer.

It was designed for web-based applications and doesn’t require a sophisticated processor. Netbook is designed to have low speeds than notebook due to the size constraints.

Netbook memory and capacity is almost half of what is offered in a notebook. The storage capacity offered in a netbook is around 80 to 160GB.

The work of netbook are: browsing the Internet, sending and receiving mail, spreadsheet calculations, and accessing web-based applications.

Notebook processor is large and best suited for work like: multimedia, gaming, watching movies, and use of other heavy applications. Notebooks offer storage capacities of 300 to 800 GB.

Advantage and disadvantage of notebook and netbook

All devices have advantage and disadvantage not matter how good the device is, and the better option is to have a nice pros of 100 percent to cons. Here are the pros and cons you should know.

Pros of netbook

  • The netbook screen is not really bad, and the colors seem to be accurate enough.
  • They are becoming obsolete, and their prices are dropping quite a bit.
  • They are really light comparing to some notebooks.
  • You can easily upgrade your netbook, unlike Tablets, or new 12 inch macbooks where everything is integrated/soldered

Cons of netbook 

  • They are usually pricey for their performance.
  • Netbooks are becoming obsolete
  • They are usually low-performance, so you can’t do some extreme stuff.

Pros of notebook

  • Faster performance
  • Larger screen sizes
  • Peripheral fuller
  • The keyboard is more spacious

Cons of notebook

  • Battery life is not long
  • Greater weight and weight
  • Higher prices
  • Greater weight and weight

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