How to make Christmas light extension cord ?

Every December 25, there is always a festival all Christian usually does, Christmas. There is a lot of light extension cord that we typically put in our house during the period.

In this guide, we will explain to you the best ways to create a custom Christmas light extension cord that is perfect for your home during Xmas.

The Christmas light customization options. No other stuff like a beautiful Christmas light display accented with zip-tied clumps of electrical wire and mangled extension cords for the light.

Everyone has his/her way to display needs, and at times the best possible means for the cleanest display is to customize your Christmas lights.

Have it in mind that not all Christmas lights can b customized. See some option below;

Christmas lights not to Customize

This option is very important because Christmas mini light strings can be dangerous to fix personally. It is always advisable to call an electrician to fix or customize wiring like that because electrical things can be savvy most of the time to tackle necessary wiring fixes.

Christmas lights that can be customized

christmas light extension cord

This aspect is straightforward as Christmas light stringers can be replaced mostly for C7 and C9 Christmas bulb displays.

Christmas light stringers use a two-wire configuration, not like the first one, which is very complex to fix, and this wiring configuration stringers can be bought in up to 1,000 ft spools. 

The professional installers mostly use the 1,000 spools to create custom length light runs. It can be easier to install with homes that feature rooflines with extra peaks, windows, dormers, and other architectural features that look perfect when outlined with Christmas lights extension cords.

It also lives open sockets in the display area where you probably don’t want bulbs to appear and eliminates excess wiring.

Splicing means different things to different people.

Splicing can be seen in many ways attached to the basic electrical wiring as electrical wiring can often be cut. Wire coating can be stripped, exposing the copper wire within it, and wiring can be joined to a corresponding wire using any number of techniques, maybe like twist-on wire connectors to make Christmas light.

The butt or splice connectors do make a permanent connection with the solder. And these connections can be protected by covering them with electrical tape, liquid tape, or heat shrink tubing.

This process is very straightforward. In another way, if you are trying to make custom Christmas lights that require numerous splice connections can be tedious and dangerous. 

There are other fasters ways of creating custom Christmas light extension cord by using zip plugs, zip cord, and zip sockets.

How can zip plug connections help you?

When creating the Christmas light extension cord, the zip plugs, zip cord, and electrical accessories help you create custom lighting configurations tailored to your home’s unique design.

It brings the best result for the Christmas light display with clean lines and no extra mess of wires or unused sockets.

Planning for the area to put your Christmas light extension cord display before making a purchase will save you time during installation.

First option:

Make sure to purchase commercial light strings or spools with the sockets already attached in increments like 6, 12, and 18-inch bulb spacing.

If you want the light run to end, then you need to cut the wires by adding either a male or female zip plug to the cut end to finish it off.

Second option: 

Be sure to purchase sockets and bulk wire separately. After that, you install zip sockets at any spacing intervals you like along the wire.

Then you can either end the wire with a socket or probably add a male or female zip plug to the end as needed.

With all this explanation, you can easily decide what to use to make your Christmas lights extension cords for the upcoming Xmas.

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