Intelligent Machines and Our Children’s Uncertain Future

When referring to the intelligent machines, it required the difference between intelligent and repetitive natural or programmed behavior is provided.

The Intelligent Machines covered some areas like aerial navigation, ocean and space exploration, and humanoid robots.

Talking about Intelligent Machines are an expression mostly used for humans and animals, then only presently for machines.

We can refer to Intelligent to a creature, or this machine is intelligent, and many explanations were revealed.

Intelligence is as follows, a general mental capability that involves the ability to reason, solve a problem, plan, and think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas.

It penetrated many aspects of contemporary life, from computer games to autonomous vacuum cleaners to digital personal assistants.

Some programs are for a specific reason. It can be to clean some area.

The answer now is that Will machines one day be as intelligent, or much more intelligent, than

 human beings?

Scientists prove that AI technology will reach and surpass human intelligence.

Moving to the point of Our Children’s Uncertain Future

Many things cause uncertainty that we can do to prevent a kind of stuff like global economic competition. It involves the increasing transformation effect of digital technology in our society and economy.

For example, to explain what we mean, there are major ongoing concerns, which could influence the rapid developments in digital technologies like machine learning and robotics.

This widespread concern suggests by McKinsey that up to half of the activities that people are currently employed to perform will be automated within the next 30 years. 

The fact is that these challenges are already with us today. And what caused it is the arrival of the personal computer in the 1980s, and digital technology has contributed a lot to widespread economic growth.

Numerous financial experts and onlookers of the innovation business accept that we are part-route as the decades progressed long “Information Revolution” that will change our society and economy similarly as much as – if not more than – the Industrial Revolution.

The agreement to it is that the future jobs will require completely different skills than today’s jobs.

The intelligent machines can sound new to some people, and the fact is part of everyday life.

But, society believes that it will have an increasing impact on people’s life and while calling for more research.

Let’s quickly see some ways intelligent machines are already in your life, these include.

Your shopping basket

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the innovation that conveys these recommendations, called recommender systems, and many of us familiar with shopping recommendations.

It would help if you thought of the supermarket that reminds you to add cheese to your online shop.

Through your phone

Machine learning deals with many functions like using spoken commands to ask your phone to carry out a task or make a call and do some other stuff.

All these rely on technology supported. Virtual personal assistants – Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant – can follow instructions because of voice recognition.

All these work out naturally and process natural human speech that matches it to the desired command.

Via your social media

Have you wondered how social media works, especially how Facebook knows who is in your photos and automatically labels your pictures?

With all these programs operating is based on machine learning.

Anytime (users upload images and tag their friends and family, these image recognition systems can spot pictures that are repeated and assigns these to categories.

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