10 Business Ideas to Quit Your 9-5 job

Hearing 9-5 job for the first time, well, it happened that way in which some words sound strange, but we will explain what is 9-5 job mean and the 10 business ideas you can start to quick 9-5 job.

Our research revealed that 9-5 jobs are routine jobs, whereby it is often used to describe boring or unfulfilling jobs.

But, it turns out that working 9-5 is not a way to make a living in today’s world, according to a study.

Let’s give you some examples of a 9-5 job, working at a fast-food restaurant, and some other jobs like that, which can’t make you a living.

Gisthubcity revealed that in the United States “slang” terminology, a 9-5 job is one that doesn’t require more work hard, and you don’t have to think much or be creative to that extent. 

It refers to a kind of job in a different perceptive whereby someone works for the regular eight hours in a day, which is an office environment or other type of works. We can include many things to a 9-5 job like:

  • The employee prefers to live a structured lifestyle. For instance, a shopkeeper who works for eight hours a day may consider himself a 9-5 worker instead of working for 30 hours in one week and 100 hours in another.
  • That people work the number of hours required of them each week and no more and each week is made of 40 working hours.
  • That people prefer not to work in evenings, early mornings, or weekends at least not regularly.

Many people don’t like the 9-5 job, and they want to get out of it. Take a look at the steps needed.

  1. Make sure to invest in yourself
  2. An investment in assets that make you cash
  3. Investment back into your money-making vehicle

Ways to avoid the 9-5 job 

  1. You have to become a freelancer
  2. Learn a craft or become a skilled laborer
  3. Try to work fewer but longer days
  4. Make sure to have more than one part-time jobs instead of a full-time role
  5. Get a job involving out-of-office work

10 Business idea to quit 9-5 job

Starting a business can be so challenging most time due to the risk or capital involve. Another thing you have to work on to succeed in the business is strategy and skills to turn your dream into reality.

You can accomplish the work at your own speed with these chances and fabricate another profession while keeping up your current work.

Graphics Design

You can quickly start once you have the skills, and there are thousands of jobs available online for freelance graphic designers, like Fiverr, Upwork, and many like that.

Online Course Educator

This can be so hard at times, and at the same time, confidence, skills, smartness, and being intelligent can get you higher.

Proficiency in your field—an expert with a specific tool or topic—there’s most certainly an online audience that would be willing to pay for access to your expertise.

Also, there is some online course from Teachable that can help and give you a framework for having a good, better, and successful launch to your new online system.

Freelance Writer

Here is another better option, getting your first set of customer can be a challenge, but once you build up your freelance portfolio and perfect your pitching style, you are moving to success.

Also, don’t forget to build up your client base to run it remotely from anywhere around the world.

Amazon Reselling

Amazon is an excellent way to earn and is an opportunity to work for Amazon. There are many benefits you can benefit from it.

Your sole job is to find inventory that can be re-sold. You can easily shop for bargains during your off time after work. From there, you send your items to Amazon, and they store them.

After the company ships, it and sales have been made. Then you collect the remaining profits.

Other business can be:

Web Development

Web Design

App Developer

SAT Tutor


Travel Consultant

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