10 Terrific Test-Taking Tips for a High SAT Score

Tips For getting High SAT Score

The highest SAT score possible is 1600, but to achieve that, you need to get perfect scores of 800 on both the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math Sections.

Another thing is you will also receive an essay score, which you can get up to an 8, and a separate set of sub scores.

Getting a high SAT score is not easy, and the score range goes from 200 to 800 per section or 400 to 1600 overall.

Getting A High SAT Score

Getting a perfect score means missing very low, very few questions. For the math section, you’ll need to get all 58 questions correct. For reading/writing, you can miss only one question in reading (out of 52) and none in writing (out of 40).

Note: They’re a little vaguer when it comes to those perfect SAT scores: Only a fraction of a per cent of test-takers achieved a top score on the SAT.

But according to College Broard News gathered, millions of students in America and abroad took this test, which means that thousands get super high scores on the SAT every year.

Let me share with you some SAT score chat.

SAT Test ScoreScore Range
Composite (overall) score on the SAT400-1600
Section scores for Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math200-800 (each)
Subscore for Command of Evidence1-15
Subscore for Words in Context1-15
Subscore for Expression of Ideas1-15
Subscore for Standard English Conventions1-15
Subscore for Heart of Algebra1-15
Subscore for Problem Solving and Data Analysis1-15
Subscore for Passport to Advanced Math1-15
Cross-test score for Analysis in History/Social Studies10-40
Cross-test score for Analysis in Science10-40
Essay score (if you took it)2-8

Now, the above table has explained how you can get a high SAT score, but know that score depends on the college and universities that you are applying at. Your SAT score would determine the more significant chances of getting into a top school. So, doing well on your SAT will give you good result.

Test-Taking Tips For High SAT Score

Read the Question Thoroughly.

Reading question over again can be a great way to get the most thing right, Underline critical words like “not” and “never.” One of the biggest mistakes that you can make on a test is to misread the question and have to be extra smart.

Read the Directions.

Reading the directions thoroughly is the key and is one of the biggest mistakes that students and test-takers make. Have students underline key points and words, and any examples can hard at times.

Find the Traps.

Finding the traps is a great way and students can use it to outsmart the test maker. Students fall into common traps when they put the answer you would get if you added instead of subtracted, as the problem asked or either when they got the correct sentence.

 Eliminate the wrong answers.

Leaving question without answering is flawed, if you don’t answer it, then you going to miss it, instead of that guessing is better than a guaranteed miss.

If you still have no idea, then the probability of getting the guessing question right is sure.

Read every question.

Answering question right is by reading the question thoroughly to choose the correct answer find every potential trap.

Obviously, reading before answering will help you a lot, then you can understand the question very well before you answer.

Read the Passages and Underline the Answers in the Text.

The test is not going to ask you a question whose answer isn’t found in the text. Have your students look back in the reading passages and underline their answers. That way, they have to go back, and they have to think about what they are underlining — meaning that they have thought well and make it correct! 

Your First Choice is Usually Right.

Always Double-Check Your Answers and Your Numbering.

NEVER Skip an Answer.

Always Look Closely at the Charts, Graphs, and Pictures.

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