Who is John McAfee’s wife Janice Dyson?

John McAfee, who passed away on 23 rd June 2021, was a terrific tech entrepreneur and well known for a game-changing mind in the technology world.

He learned to develop computer software that combats viruses and established his organization named McAfee Associates in 1987.

It is both advantageous and disadvantageous for a tech entrepreneur to develop such antivirus software that would build a blueprint for other similar types of software.

McAfee’s innovation greatly impacted the world, and he made millions of dollars out of this, especially when he sold his take of McAfee’s organization.

As per the New York Times, McAfee became the most targeted Hacker in the world.

He was an enthusiast tech entrepreneur and a pioneer in the field; McAfee even got famous for his peculiar lifestyle, and even got into trouble after getting in touch with the International authorities.

But who is John McAfee’s wife, Janice Dyson? Let us know in the following article.

After the demise of John McAfee, he is still remembered as a brilliant Technology Entrepreneur and Business Pioneer.

He so much contributed a lot to the world, especially in technology and specifically with antivirus and encryption software.

Apart from his smooth work life, he had a fantastic relationship with his wife, Janice Dyson.

They had quite an interesting relationship as they have both knew each other for a long time.

McAfee met Janice on the flight when he was fleeing Belize in 2012. Janice Dyson was a sex worker in South Beach, Fla.

They spent a night together as per Newsweek. They committed to a relationship and married in 2013, but eventually, their married life didn’t last long.

It was found that Dyson was intriguing with her former associate, Delmariea Kamani Crutchfield, aka “Suave”, plot the robbery and McAfee’s kidnapping.

While they were planning, Dyson claimed that she was helping McAfee to protect him from the plan.

Since Dyson was also present in the same house, she tried to protect herself from the mishap.

Ultimately, the ample security protected McAfee from the mind game which Dyson and her former associate Crutchfield were plotting.

John McAfee

McAfee and Janice Dyson were living together until the death of McAfee.

In an interview, Janice Dyson revealed that she had to inform the “criminals under lord” about John McAfee’s whereabouts till the few years after their marriage.

She confessed in the interview; she was told by the criminals to add poison to the food which is being served to McAfee.

While she was afraid of disobeying the criminals and she even let things are hidden from McAfee.

Eventually, such mysterious stuff can’t be hidden for too long, and finally, McAfee was able to find out. Immediately the couple decided to go on a luxury yacht to avoid the arrest and away from the criminal suspense.

Janice Dyson repeatedly told the news channel about her husband John McAfee how he saved her life from the ridiculous world of Human Trafficking and made her reconnected with her son after so long.

She tweeted her emotions in 2020, in which she wrote, “John McAfee and I met eight years ago today.

It feels like we have lived a dozen lifetimes till then. I don’t want to recognize the girl I was, but I love the woman I am becoming.

John’s imprisonment is the longest we have been apart, but I will continue to fight for his freedom”.

When McAfee was in Jail, Janice Dyson tweeted him a Father’s Day message in which she wrote how McAfee was appreciated and loved.

Janice even mentioned though John was a unique individual; still, he was pretty honest about himself.

Janice even tweeted, “Now that the US authorities are particular about John’s death in the prison to mark an example of anyone who will speak out against the corruption within the government agencies.

Even the media was writing unpleasant stuff for John McAfee as there was no scope for him to get free from the prison because there is no justice being served in America anymore.”

The tweets by McAfee’s wife, Janice Dyson, made a heavy conspiracy regarding the death of McAfee.

A few hours later, when the Spanish authorities approved the request of the US government to hand over McAfee to America, it was found that John McAfee was dead in the Spanish prison where he was held.

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