Top 10 Health Tips for 2020

Top 10 Health Tips for 2020

Everyone wants to live a healthy life.

However, the road to achieving and then maintaining a healthy life is what a lot of people aren’t interested in walking.

Staying healthy requires persistence as ensuring that your body remains sound is an ever-continuing job.

What is health?
Health can be defined as the overall level of functional and metabolic efficiency of a living organism.

When looking specifically at human beings, health can be described as the ability to adapt and self-manage when facing physical, mental, psychological and social changes concerning the environment.

The World Health Organization (WHO), has defined health as, “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

A lot of times, due to various reasons, people fail to realize that our health is our primary asset. We tend to ignore minor headaches or heartaches just to keep up with our busy schedules.

What we don’t take into consideration is the fact that this particular headache can take the form of a migraine or that slight chest pain could convert itself into a heart attack leaving that specific person bedridden.

And yes, once you’re on the bed due to an illness, all you can think about are the things you could’ve done to prevent such an outcome.

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With the New Year almost here, take the initiative to be better aware of your health.

It doesn’t have to be tough. You can add simple things to your daily routine to help start your journey toward a better you.

Top 10 Health Tips for 2020

1. Embrace a Healthy Diet Plan
People tend to complicate things for themselves when they are told to “eat right” or “eat healthily.” Doing so doesn’t mean that you start adopting a bland diet.

You don’t need to starve yourself to follow a healthy diet. You just need to remember that ‘fad’ diets won’t end up being your friend in the long run.

That’s why it’s essential that you pick up a nutritional plan that provides your body with the energy it needs as well as help you stay on a healthy track.

One such healthy diet plan you can go for happens to be the ketogenic diet – Tasteaholics. This diet is a low carbohydrate but high-fat diet with a lot of health benefits. It doesn’t believe in starving yourself to lose unwanted weight.

A shift in your body due to low carbohydrate intake and increased fat consumption leads to a metabolic state of “ketosis,” from where this diet got its name.

Usually, carbohydrates break down into glucose which is the primary energy source for our body. But in ketosis, our body becomes highly efficient at burning fat for energy. Fat breaks down into ketones which become the primary source of energy for our body, thus, replacing glucose as fuel.

Glucose shows fluctuation in its supply; big spikes which slide into low glucose levels, whereas ketone is a constant source of energy. This trait helps in supplying the uninterrupted body fuel, especially to organs like brain, which consume a lot of energy every day, resulting in better physical and mental functioning.

A ketogenic diet can be eaten indefinitely under an adequately managed program. To summarize, the nutrient intake should be around 70% fat, 25% proteins, and 5% carbohydrates.

It’s all about eating meat, leafy greens, above ground vegetables, high-fat dairy, nuts, berries, and edible oil such as coconut oil – yes, there are many delicious foods from every country, some more healthy than others. You’ll need to stay away from things such as wheat and potatoes.

2. Move more
It is suggested that an individual should get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. This would lead to continual blood flow throughout your body, thus, resulting you to stay healthy as well as deal with any mental stress you might be experiencing.

Try and join a gym in 2018. If you can’t do that, the excellent alternative is to exercise at home by following online weight loss workouts from reliable professionals. You can also clean more around the house to stay active.

Other than that, do small things to stay active such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or even jogging on the spot while watching TV.

3. Be smoke-free
This is one of the most important steps a person should take toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being smoke-free leads to your body becoming toxin free and saving you from harmful diseases like cancer.

4. Scheduled Sleep
Getting a good night’s sleep should be one of the primary goals that individuals focus on when making a move towards adopting a healthy lifestyle.

How much sleep do you need?

Being able to get up to 7 to 8 hours of sleep, maybe up to 9 hours in some instances leaves an individual feeling fresh and energized when he or she wakes up. This leads to a more focused daily routine, less tiredness and more vitality.

A lack of sleep leads to a lot of problems including health issues and the development of psychological problems like insomnia.

5. Prioritize preventive screenings
This can be achieved by going to follow-ups or regular checkups to your doctor. Doing so provides you with updates on your health and help to indicate if any health problems are on the verge of developing.

Prevention is always better than the required cure, and that is why with health screenings you can be pro-active about your health.

6. Connect with others
Forming bonds and a good social circle can help a person healthily share their emotions and thoughts. Having a support system is great for your mental and physical well-being especially during times of stress.

Tell yourself that you’ll hang out with friends more in 2018. You can even start now if you want.

7. Stay hydrated
We all know about the importance of water, but we don’t prioritize its consumption. A lot of times we go through the day without drinking a single glass of water, opting for tea or coffee instead. Your body needs water to stay healthy. Ensure that in 2018 you start drinking the recommended amount of water, at least 2 liters if not more.

8. Appreciate what you have
Start 2018 by appreciating what you have in life. Take time to smell the roses and be aware of what you’ve achieved in your life. Be grateful for your life experiences, and you’ll find yourself in a more psychologically healthier space.

9. Pick up a hobby
If you don’t have seems to have a hobby already, you should try and pick up one. Also, don’t hesitate to try new things. You can go to a cooking class, a wood workshop, or even decide to do some gardening. The important thing is that you spend some free time doing something that makes you feel good about yourself.

10. Meditate
One of the best health-centric things you can do is being more in touch with your inner self. Welcome the meditation in your life. You can join a yoga class, or you can even take out a few minutes from your schedule to just sit down and relax. Concentrate on your breathing and listen to what your body is really experiencing.

As mentioned above, being healthy doesn’t mean you have to stress yourself out. By following some easy tips, you can start your journey toward a better and healthier self.

All of the tips above can be easily incorporated into a person’s daily life. However, the point to note here is that one shouldn’t expect results to show as soon as a person adopts either one or several of the tips mentioned above.

Be patient and understand that all good things come in time

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