100+ Present Indefinite Tense with Examples and its Definition

What is Present Indefinite Tense?

Present Indefinite tense is used when denoting an action that is happening now or something that happens regularly. The tense is commonly known as Simple present tense. The format of present indefinite tense is ‘subject base form of verb + object’. For example, in the sentence, ‘She writes a letter, She is the subject, Writes is the base form of a verb and a letter is an object.

 The main areas where we use simple present tense are:

  • To express habitual actions.

Eg: Birds fly in the air.

  • To express universal truths.

Eg: The earth moves around the sun.

  • Exclamatory sentences starting with ‘Here’ and ‘there’.

Eg: Here comes the bus.

  • To express an action that is planned in the future.

Eg: The Prime Minister arrives at the airport tomorrow morning.

  • To express something that is to take place in the immediate future.

Eg: The school reopens on 1st July.

Rules to form a simple present tense

The format of the simple present tense is t Subject + Base form of Verb+ Object. But when using verbs, some rules should be followed. When the subject is 3rd person singular, the verb should also be singular. Singular verbs mean the verbs should end with -s or -es.

SubjectFirst-person singular: ISecond-person singular: WeThird-person singular: He/ She/ It
ExampleI write a letterYou write a letterShe writes a letter
SubjectFirst-person plural: WeSecond-person plural: YouThird-person plural: They
ExampleWe write a letterYou write a letterThey write a letter.

How to form a negative sentence in the present indefinite tense?

The format to write a negative sentence in the simple present tense is Subject + do not/ does not(with 3rd person singular subject) + base form of verb + object.

Eg: They do not like the smell of coffee.

       She does not play chess in the morning.

How to ask a question in the present indefinite tense?

The format of a question in the present indefinite tense is Do/ Does + subject base form of verb + object + question mark.

Eg: Do you know Spanish?

Does he like Tommy?

Present Indefinite Tense with Examples:
  1. He loves ice-cream
  2. Tony plays football
  3. Neena writes a letter
  4. Dogs hate cats in the house
  5. They eat rice a lot.
  6. He goes to school every day.
  7. Tall people run fast.
  8. She has a small house.
  9. They live in India.
  10. Mathew drives very fast.
  11. Children drink coffee every morning
  12. The students study every day.
  13. They cook food every Sunday.
  14. The teacher sings a song.
  15. The sun rises in the east
  16. The sky is dark at night.
  17. The earth revolves around the sun.
  18. Iyal walks fast.
  19. She travels on a bus.
  20. The boys are at home.
  21. I brush my teeth daily.
  22. I live in Paris
  23. Aryan sleeps on a couch.
  24. The burger smells delicious.
  25. The prayer starts in a minute.
  26. It rains very lightly.
  27. She thinks he is very smart.
  28. My father plays piano every day.
  29. Martin swims very well.
  30. She throws balls at him.
  31. Mary speaks good English.
  32. My mother washes her clothes.
  33. My dog barks at strangers.
  34. Manu always lies about his mark.
  35. Francis slaps his son.
  36. He is a good boy.
  37. I am a creative person.
  38. Neena goes to the market every weekend.
  39. It usually rains every evening.
  40. It snows a lot in December.
  41. She dances gracefully.
  42. The elephant walks slowly.
  43. The forest is dark.
  44. The waiter cleans the table every day.
  45. I accept your answer.
  46. Mary accuses Ram of stealing.
  47. He adores his uncle.
  48. Harry appears energetic.
  49. I apologize for my mistake.
  50. Aunty bakes a cake for me.
  51. I bathe every morning.
  52. The teacher believes you.
  53. Sparrow builds the nest.
  54. He burns the newspaper.
  55. The minister calculates the budget.
  56. The nurse cares for the patient.
  57. He arrives today.
  58. I cry a lot.
  59. I dare to speak the truth.
  60. Danny depends on his father.
  61. Cycling develops our muscles.
  62. The flood destroys the village.
  63. We deserve success.
  64. I doubt the test result.
  65. You earn more than Teddy.
  66. She fails to meet the deadline.
  67. I follow the path of God.
  68. She forgets Ronny.
  69. It happens in a crash.
  70.  Mary hears her mother always.
  71. You need a hug.
  72. She hopes to have a good future.
  73. I hurt my hand.
  74. Rony investigates his brother’s murder.
  75. Tonny leads a quiet life.
  76. He laughs a lot.
  77. She likes movies.
  78. She looks pale.
  79. The worker measures the weight.
  80. Rani neglects small mistakes.
  81. The scientist observes the sky.
  82. Sara opens the door.
  83. Tom owes me two books.
  84. She owns a company.
  85. He performs well in the interview.
  86. Boss postpones the meeting.
  87. She prefers a silent atmosphere.
  88. The doctor prepares a medical report.
  89. I promise you complete support.
  90. They prove it wrong.
  91. You punch like a professional boxer.
  92. He qualifies for the exam.
  93. She reads the book.
  94. They reduce the price.
  95. I regret leaving the home so early.
  96. They replace the magic band with a stick.
  97. She rides a bike.
  98. It smells bad.
  99. I want you to listen.
  100. It stinks in the hostel room.

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