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POEA Online Services 2023

POEA Online Services 2023: Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) can process a range of solutions through the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEAportal )’s thanks to its online services. Below, we provide a list of the online services currently provided by the POEA on their website, along with a quick summary of the offerings, advantages, and what users may expect from each program.

Visit the POEA website to take advantage of these programs if you are an OFW who needs to process specific paperwork or schedule an appointment. Please follow your needs as a guide.

POEA Online Services Overview 

By developing and offering services and programs that help Filipinos find better employment prospects, POEA does its utmost to assist the Filipino people. This agency already provides a wide range of services and programs. The agency’s services improve as technology continues to evolve.

The website for POEA’s online services serves to increase accessibility and convenience for the agency’s services. Also, it offers a simple interface that is helpful for those new to using computers.

Given the range of projects POEA is working on, the following is a list of all the programs and services it provides to potential OFWs on its website:

Online Appointment for OFW

Nationwide, there are a lot of OFWs and would-be OFWs. Others are located distant from the POEA offices. The applicants invested time, effort, and energy into finding jobs abroad. In response, POEA creates a website that meets their requirements.

It is accessible via the following URL: The website was designed to save the application time and provide a copy of their deployment documentation. The website can be accessed at any time and from any place. The applicant will be given an Appointment Reference Number to access their account (ARN). The user can change the appointment time and cancel it. Your online appointment confirmation is printable.

Workforce Registry (e-Registration)

This online service is for people who intend to apply from overseas. If you want to work overseas, you must first register with the Manpower Register.

You can get to this by visiting the following website: The candidate must submit authentic data in the form of documents and images. The website includes an e-Registration, a POEA Helpdesk, online appointment scheduling, and a job fair.

There is a list of companies on the Online JobFair where registered applicants can apply. The job advertisements are only open to people who have completed the eRegistration process.

System for Online Processing in Balik-Manggagawa

Applications from BM employees who want to go back to their native country should be processed more quickly. There is no need to visit the POEA office or POLO while using the Balik-Manggagawa Online Processing System, which can save time and money.

Via this website address:, OFWs can access it. This applies to returning authorized OFWs, unauthorized OFWs, and anyone who have changed jobs or employers onsite. A video tutorial on how to access the website is available on the website. For a quicker application, the BM should fill out their personal details.

Pre-employment orientation seminar offered online (PEOS)

The Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) covers the information that candidates should be aware of prior to traveling abroad. An aspirant OFW should attend this seminar because it is necessary to do so in order to obtain the OEC.

Attending the online Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) is simple and practical. The website’s address is 8 instructional modules make up Online PEOS.

These modules will also be used as the basis for the exam that will be administered. The applicant will receive knowledge in the convenience of their own home.

Registering as a seafarer

Seamen must register on the website in order to be included in the list of competent seafarers for maritime work overseas. This will also be a very useful tool for developing and researching policy related to the maritime labor market. The labor market is a good place to start when conducting research and developing policy. is the URL of the website. The website offers online appointment scheduling, online job fairs, POEA Helpdesk, and e-Registration. The candidate has the option to register, upgrade, modify, or update his or her record. The applicant will receive an SRC number and password for login in upon registration.

Verification of Recruiting Agencies’ Status

The Status of Recruiting Agencies serves as a resource for information on the agencies for whom one has applied. The webpage is regularly updated. This may help the OFWs select a trustworthy agency.

The search function is already visible when you go to the Verification of Status of Recruiting Agencies website link. The agencies are organized into groups and categories.

They include manning agencies, land-based recruitment agencies, and agencies with a valid license. They also include agencies with a valid license for land-based recruitment and manning.

Everyone can conduct an internet search to check their safety and stay away from illegal recruitment. You can access it by clicking on the following link:

Verification of Job Orders from the Agency

This is done to determine whether the task orders are real or false. An applicant can confirm if the job offer appeared in the POEA listings by conducting a search on this website.

This site will show you the work orders that are now available: Position, nation, and agency classifications are used to group the job orders. The website’s footer includes a disclaimer and a message. It is still necessary to check with the POEA to see if the job order is still accessible. The information is current as of December 6, 2021.

Special Recruitment Authority (SRA) and Letter of Acknowledgement online application systems (LOA)

The official website of the POEA can be used to access the online system, which is an integrated online application. This enables online application requirements for the issue of SRA and LOA via online facilities for recruiting and various agencies.

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Online application processing for the SRA, LOA, and other documents encourages paperless transactions and saves time because it eliminates the need for in-person application filing at POEA. Any authorized recruitment and manning agency may apply for an SRA LOA. The website’s address is

Monitor for Adjudication Cases

The labor disputes between the employers of OFWs are included in the adjudication cases monitor. The webpage shows the boxes that need to have the case number encoded inside of them. On the website, you can review the case. You can access the website at

Questions and Answers

Please refer to the following FAQs if you have any further questions regarding the POEA program.

How can I tell if I have POEA registration?

1. Use the POEA site to search for the Licensed Agency to see its current status. Visit the POEA website, that’s what you need to do.
2. Verify the status by searching the POEA Work Orders that have already been created by Agency.
3. Manual Verification; phone calls to POEA hotlines

Just how can I turn on POEA E-registration?

1. Go to the webpage for POEA e-Registration.
2. Press the “Register” button at the landing page’s bottom.
3. The Conditions of Use and Privacy Statement page will then be displayed.
4. Complete the necessary fields and click the register button.

How can I sign up for POEA?

1. Visit to start.
2. Go to Verification of Status of Recruiting Agencies by clicking Online Services on the POEA website’s home page.
3. In the Enter Agency Name Field, type the name of the recruiting firm of your choice.
4. Verify your chosen agency’s status and legitimacy by consulting their records.

How do I change my POEA profile?

1. Enter your User Name and Password to get into your account.
2. Choose the information that needs to be updated by clicking the Update Profile button, and then click Save.

How can my e-Registration be updated?

1. Create an account, first. To register, go to
2. Register. Choose the eRegistration tab on the POEA e-Services website.
3. Press “Submit.”
4. Activation by email.
5. Choose a Password
6. Creating or editing your profile.
Your electronic registration number.
8. Individual data.
9. Conserve your work.

My POEA E-registration number is where can I find it?

Following the completion of the registration process, applicants will be given a registration number.

How can I locate my seafarer identification number?

After a successful registration, the website will generate a Seafarer Registration Number for you to print.

How do I find out my OEC?

Access the BM Online Processing System first. To access the BM Online system, click here.
2. Register for BM Online.
3. Sign in as a user who is “Already Registered.”
4. Submit a photo.
5. Complete the forms online.
6. List your upcoming flights.
7. Pay your OEC fee.
8. Print off your OEC.

How to Use BM Online to Get an OEC Exemption Number?

Log into your BM Online account prior to your anticipated return to your job to request an OEC exemption. Click “Acquire OEC or Exemption” after that. Your BM Exemption number and pre-departure instructions on which documents to bring to the airport will be displayed in a confirmation message from the system if you are exempt.

The POEA E register 2 needs to be updated.

1. For new users, click “Register” and agree to the terms.
2. Current users should use “Forget Password.” is the new website address.
3. Examine Your Email.
4. Sign in and modify your password.
5. Dashboard and Done.


You now have a better understanding of the web services provided by POEA and what each of them can do for OFWs and their families. Never forget that you may check the legality of your recruitment firm on the POEA website to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate, accredited business. Also, you can check your OEC status, register for e-Services, and update your profile online.

Being an OFW may be difficult and annoying, especially when obtaining the necessary paperwork to travel abroad in search of employment, which takes time, effort, and money. Processing is now easily accessible to us thanks to POEA’s internet services.

We can now verify our agency and be sure the procedure is safe and lawful with only a few clicks. We want to simplify and unburden the lives of every OFW with the help of these internet services.

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