55 + Material Noun Examples, What is Material Noun Definition

Material Nouns Examples with full sentence:

  1. Oxygen is very much essential for life on Earth.
  2. The lady bought a golden watch
  3. Ramu is allergic to meat.
  4. My hen does not lay eggs.
  5. Diamond rings are very popular among youngsters.
  6. Father brought me new clothes for my birthday.
  7. Consuming alcohol can make you a cancer patient.
  8. The chair is made out of wood.
  9. The ancient houses will have wooden floors.
  10. Petrol is unsustainable energy.
  11. Sunlight is the powerhouse of all energy.
  12. Good soil is the key to successful farming.
  13. This tablet contains a lot of chemical compounds.
  14. Honey is the secret behind Raju’s strength.
  15.  Kerala is famous for its usage of coconut oil in dishes.
  16. Coffee is the favorite beverage of many people.
  17. Green tea is a healthy drink.
  18. My house is made up of cement bricks.
  19. Rubber is used widely for making tires.
  20. Priya doesn’t like milk.
  21. Pizza with a lot of cheese is not good for health.
  22. My friend has a mobile phone made of metal.
  23. The chair is made of plastic.
  24. My printer is out of ink.
  25. Aluminum utensils are very good for cooking food.
  26. Iron will conduct electricity.
  27. Glass bottles are unsafe for children.
  28. The good quality paper must be used for the project.
  29. My sister has a sweater made of wool.
  30. The floor has marble on it.
  31. My mother has a calcium deficiency.
  32. Plywood doors are cheap.
  33. Shampoo makes your hair look cleaner.
  34. The sea is very beautiful.
  35. He gave me a gold ring.
  36. Mars has no air in its atmosphere.
  37. Reena has a bag made of jute.
  38. Rahul is very handsome in his cotton shirt.
  39. Ghee is very important in South Indian cuisine.
  40. Please take out a piece of white paper.
  41. A piece of cloth can be used as a handkerchief.
  42. Many ancient buildings are famous for their sculptures and finished marbles.
  43. Cotton Kurti is suitable for summer.
  44. Drink nine glasses of water a day.
  45. Consuming sugar can bring diabetics.
  46. Metal is an unavoidable part of building construction work.
  47. Steel is an alloy of different metals.
  48. My cat is afraid of fire.
  49. India is famous for its fine silk products.
  50. Playing with acid is dangerous.

What is a Material Noun?

Material noun definition: A noun that is used to mention a substance or material from which various other things can be made is called Material Noun.

It mainly denotes a material in general instead of a part or individual particle of material. The name ‘Material Noun’ is given to the group because materials such as cloth, air, gold, soap, wood, glass, fiber, etc are included in this class of nouns. These materials nouns are raw materials either found in nature or created by humans from the raw elements obtained from the surroundings. These meanings will create other usable products and are termed as material.

Generally, Material Nouns are uncountable. They cannot be counted and can be in a solid, liquid, or gaseous state. Examples are Gold, Milk, Diamond, Air, etc.

But some material nouns also function as count nouns and are used as both material nouns and count nouns. One example is the word, ‘Wine’, which is used both as a Count Noun and Material Noun.

Categories of Material Noun

Mainly there are five different categories of Material nouns. They are:

  1. Material Noun from Nature: These are material nouns that are related to nature.

Eg: air, water, fire, gold, iron, sunlight, rock, sand, rain, salt, etc.

  • Material Noun from Animals: Nouns related to animals come under this category.

Eg: Egg, meat, silk, leather, wool, honey, etc

  • Material Noun from plants: This category of material nouns includes words related to plants.

Eg: Cotton, wood, oil, jute, rubber, coffee, tea, etc.

  • Man-made material Noun: The materials which are created by humans are called Man-made material Noun.

Eg: cloth, cheese, alcohol, acid, chemical, ghee, cheese, etc.

Rules for using Material Noun

Primarily, two rules should be followed while using material nouns in a sentence. They are:

  • When the material noun is uncountable, articles (a, and an) should not be used with the noun.


  1. Water is essential for all living things.
  2. Meat is a source of protein.
  3. Rain is very important for the vegetation.
  4. When the material noun is countable, articles (a and an) should be used along with singular material nouns.


  1. Please bring me a glass of water.
  2. An egg is enough for a sandwich
  3. Exchange the same house for a marble piece.

What is a noun?

A noun can be defined as a naming word used to mention anything in the world. It is used to name both living and non-living things. For example, the words, pen, he, she, they, cat, mat, paper, etc are nouns. The noun can be used differently in a sentence as subject, object, and adjective. Mainly, there are five kinds of nouns, and they are Proper Noun, Common Noun, Material Noun, Collective Noun, and Abstract Noun.

Material Noun with example

Usage of Material Noun

If a sentence starts with a material noun, the first letter of the word should be capitalized. But when the material noun comes anywhere other than the start, the small letter should be used. For example, in the sentence, ‘Milk is good for health’, the letter ‘M’ is capitalized. While in the sentence, Rahul is afraid of gold, the material noun, ‘Gold’ is not started with a capital letter.

Material Noun is a very common form of noun type that is used by people as part of daily routine. They are also an important part of English Grammar and help in the conversation a lot. But while using the material noun, correct usage of articles is very important to convey the intended meaning of what you said. Also, they are other types of nouns, which sometimes overlap each other.

20 Examples Of Material Nouns With Pictures

The material noun refers to a grammar term that shows a material or substance from things that are made like Iron, diamond, gold, silver, cotton, and plastic.

The full definition revealed that it is a type of substance rather than individual particles of that substance. If we look into grammatical terms, a material noun is non-count, concrete, and usually frequent.


The major reason it is called “material” is that many nouns in this level are the materials that other items are made out from it, for example, metal, wheat, cloth, etc.; at the same time, there are some anomaly like soap or rain.

One of the most significant things about this noun is that it only points to the materials or substances and not people, places, etc. In contrast, the sources of raw materials are plants, animals, nature, and so on.

Types of material nouns

  • Materials from nature: Salt, rain, silver, sand, diamond, coal, water, etc.
  • Material nouns from plants: Oil, coffee, medicine, tea, rubber, food, cotton, etc.
  • Material nouns from animals: Egg, leather, silk, wool, meat, milk, etc.
  • Human-made material nouns: Charcoal, cheese, cloth, utensil, brick, acid, cement, etc.

Another point is that material nouns are usually uncountable nouns, meaning that they can not be counted. For that reason, they can’t be pluralized generally. For example:

First: Correct:- We run a steel firm.

Second: Incorrect:- We run a steels firm.

We have curated 20 examples of material nouns with pictures. Kindly see below:

Gold – We are going to purchase some gold earrings tomorrow.

Iron – That red gate is made of Iron.

Marble – This beautiful plate is made of marble.

Meat – A vast amount of meat is required for the wedding.

Milk – He drank the milk quickly.

Paper – All these books are made of paper.

Platinum – He has bought one platinum ring.

Wood – This table is made of wood.

Wool – This sweater is made of wool.

Plastic – This two bottles are made of real plastic.

Silver – Rose nose pin is made of silver.

Aluminum – Those new building has aluminum siding and roofing.

Coal – The utilization of coal has diminished throughout the long term. 

Copper – Copper is a decent conveyor of power. 

Calcium – Calcium is useful for bones. 

Cotton – She is wearing a cotton shirt. 

Fabric – A tissue is made of a piece of material. 

Diamond – Mabel lost her diamond ring in the metro. 

Flour – I will ply the flour. 

Glass – This container is made of glass.

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