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18 Jobs in Malaysia For Foreigners in 2022 – Apply Now

18 Jobs in Malaysia For Foreigners in 2022:

There are whole lots throughout Jobs in Malaysia for individuals who want to work part-time as well as need a flexible routine. Whether you wish to function part-time from home or if you require something that needs you to only work on the weekends, here are several of the very best alternatives to think about, broken down by sector and work kind:

Jobs in Malaysia
Jobs in Malaysia

Part-Time Admin Jobs
Part-time admin tasks are a wonderful selection for those who have solid organization abilities, fit dealing with others, and also are known for being reliable and trustworthy.

Do you have a background in the management world? Maybe you’ve functioned as an exec aide or a consumer support specialist in the past?

If this holds true, these part-time admin jobs are excellent choices to check into:

Management Assistant
As a part-time administrative assistant, you serve as the face of the business that uses you, whether you’re functioning as a Ninja Van part-time assistant or an RT Pastry Home human resources admin assistant.

Administrative aides are in charge of addressing call, director visitors to the correct place, and also making sure people get a great impression of the firm right from the start. When you work in this setting, you’re also accountable of declaring, organizing, scheduling, and various other typical management tasks. Some management assistant settings can be remote, on-line part-time jobs, whereas others take place in an office setup.

Administrative Assistant Job Listings

  • HR Admin Assistant – RT Pastry House
  • Office Assistant – Troopers Innovation Sdn Bhd
  • Personal Assistant cum Administrator – Adecco Malaysia
  • Admin Assistant – Luen Seng Enterprise
  • Administrative Assistant – Ccic Malaysia Commodities Inspection Sdn Bhd
  • Warehouse Assistant – Ninja Van Part-Time

Executive Assistant

Executive assistants work directly for executive-level employees within a company. They generally have more responsibility than the average administrative assistant, but their day-to-day duties are quite similar. These duties include things like filing, organizing, scheduling, answering phone calls or emails, etc.

Also like administrative assistant jobs, some executive assistant positions are online part-time jobs and others require you to work in-office.

Executive Assistant Job Listings

  • Part-Time Admin Executive Assistant – Seeka Technology
  • Service Support – Executive Assistant – Maclean Services Sdn Bhd
  • Admin Executive – Leong Yik Hing Hide Distributor Sdn Bhd
  • Executive Assistant, Sales Support Administration – Chrisjac Recruitment Services
  • Executive Assistant/PA to Director – Chrisjac Recruitment Services


Customer Support Specialist
Customer support specialists are in charge of helping customers and ensuring they have a positive experience working with a specific business. Customer support specialists answer phone calls and respond to emails and live chat messages regarding the customer experience. They may also assist order fulfillment, as well as returns and exchanges.

Customer Support Specialist Job Listings

  • Virtual Assistant (Customer Support) – RPG Commerce
  • Customer Service Associate (Entry Level) – Customer Connect Malaysia
  • Customer Management – Mewahmas Resources Sdn Bhd
  • Online Sales Customer Service (Live Chat & Emails) – Uniqbe (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Customer Service Online – Hamel Marketing Sdn Bhd

Part-Time F&B Jobs
The food and beverage industry is going strong even in the midst of the pandemic. There may not be as many people dining out in restaurants these days, but there is still plenty of work for Malaysians who are searching for part-time jobs.

For those who have worked in the food and beverage (or F&B) industry, there are lots of part-time jobs available that offer flexible hours and decent pay, including the following:

Service Crew
As a member of the food and beverage service crew, you will work behind the scenes at a restaurant to prepare people’s food, take orders, and keep workstations clean. People who work in these roles must be good at multitasking, paying attention to detail, and collaborating with other service crew members to get the job done.

Service Crew Job Listings

  • Part-Time Service Crew – Multiple Reward Sdn Bhd
  • F&B Service Crew – Kloé Hotel Kuala Lumpur
  • Service Crew – Hometown F&B (Sepang) Sdn Bhd
  • Service Crew – RT Pastry House
  • Part-Time Service Crew – ST MOOI Sdn Bhd

Baristas work in coffee shops and cafes, typically, and are in charge of preparing drinks, taking orders, and making sure customers are satisfied. Like food service crew members, baristas must be good at multitasking, paying attention to details, and collaborating with their colleagues to keep customers happy.

Barista Job Listings

  • Juice Barista – Juice Works
  • Part-Time Barista / Team Member – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Service Crew/Barista – { X } COFFEE
  • Coffee Barista – ST MOOI Sdn Bhd
  • Barista Crew – Karc Coffee Sdn Bhd


Waiters and waitresses work in restaurants to take orders, deliver food, and ensure customers are satisfied with their meals and the overall ambiance of the business. They typically don’t have to worry about many of the issues that crew members have to deal with, such as food preparation or cleanup, and instead are more focused on bringing food to the customers and keeping them happy.

Waiter/Waitress Job Listings

  • Restaurant Server – The Ritz-Carlton
  • Waiter/Waitresses – Eternal Meteor Sdn Bhd
  • Waiter or Waitress – Ambrosia Wine
  • Restaurant Waiter – Smokey-Pistons Sdn Bhd
  • Commis & Kitchen Porter/Server & Waiter – Front Room & The Kneady Baker

Phillips Company Jobs

Part-Time Jobs for Students
Students are another example of a group that can benefit from flexible part-time work.

Do you need a job that works with your school schedule and puts some extra money in your bank account? If so, here are some part-time jobs for students that you may want to consider:

Data Entry Specialist
As a data entry specialist, it’s your job to take data from documents (both written and audio) and input it into a database where it can be accessed by other professionals.

These days, there are many part-time data entry jobs from home available. If you take on part-time data entry jobs from home, you’ll likely enjoy a great deal of flexibility, which is good for students with busy, frequently changing schedules.

Data Entry Specialist Job Listings

  • Data Entry Specialist – Cohere Health
  • Part-time Data Entry Specialist – USA International Jobs
  • Data Entry Clerk – Sparks Group
  • Data Entry Clerk – Pixellu
  • Part-Time Data Entry – Data entry WAH


Sales Associate
Sales associates often work in retail stores and help customers to find the right products for their needs and budget. You can also find part-time jobs from home that require you to make sales via phone or through online chat platforms. Whether the job is at home or in a traditional setting, sales associates are often paid on an hourly basis and get additional commissions based on the number of items they sell.

Sales Associate Job Listings

  • Part-Time Sales Associate – Parkson Trends Sdn Bhd
  • Sales Associate – Home Organisation – IKEA Southeast Asia
  • Permanent Part-Time Athlete – Nike
  • Sales Associate – Richemont Luxury Malaysia

As a part-time tutor, you will work with students (typically students who are younger than you or at a lower level than you academically) to help them understand learning materials and improve their grades. When you work as a part-time tutor, you have a lot of flexibility with regards to the hours you work, the number of students you assist, etc. Many tutoring jobs are also part-time jobs from home, which provides even more freedom for busy students.

Tutoring Job Listings

  • Tutor/Facilitator – Open University Malaysia
  • Part-time Private Tutor – J Technology Sdn Bhd
  • English Tutor – Fast Track Sdn Bhd
  • Education Consultant cum Tutor – Acec Association
  • Online Coding Tutor – Embassy Alliance
  • Delivery Driver Part-Time Jobs
    Lots of businesses are hiring people to fill openings for part-time delivery jobs. From restaurants and other foodservice businesses to package delivery and rideshare companies, there are lots of part-time delivery jobs to choose from.

Do you need flexible work and want to earn extra money without having to sit in an office or sit at home all day? If so, these part-time delivery driver jobs are great options:

Package Delivery Driver
Package delivery drivers are responsible for delivering packages from shipping and fulfillment centers to customers. Currently, many Malaysian companies are posting listings like this one, “J&T part-time driver Malaysia” or “ Because most people are staying home right now and making more online purchases, there are lots of part-time (and full-time) opportunities available.

Package Delivery Driver Job Listings

  • Delivery Driver – Q work Malaysia
  • Part-Time Driver – Georgetown
  • Van Driver – Global Repro Sdn Bhd
  • Van Driver – Contactus Sdn Bhd
  • Delivery Driver – APOM
  • J&T Part-Time Driver Malaysia – J&T Express Malaysia
  • Last-Mile Delivery – Shopee Part-Time Job
  • Food Delivery Driver
    Food delivery drivers and riders are responsible for bringing food orders from restaurants to people’s homes. These types of jobs are typically quite flexible, and many of them allow you to set your own schedule entirely.

Food Delivery Driver/Rider Job Listings

  • Food Delivery Rider – Folo Food & Logistics Company
  • Food Delivery Rider – Hometaste Tech Sdn Bhd
  • Delivery Rider/Driver – MENTARI CEMERLANG VENTURES
  • Dispatch/Rider (Delivery) – Conscience Gourmet Sdn Bhd
  • Part Time Rider – Lees Fandbee Sdn Bhd


Lorry Driver
As a lorry driver, you’re in charge of driving a large truck (also known as a lorry) to help businesses handle high-volume and large package deliveries. This is a more complex delivery driver job, but there are also plenty of flexible, part-time positions available for those who want to develop their skills and gain practice so they can one day qualify for a full-time position.

Lorry Driver Job Listings

  • Part-Time Freelance Lorry Driver – Echo Ventures
  • Lorry Driver – Still Thought Resource
  • Part-Time Driver – Georgetown
  • Lorry Driver – Super Stretch Technology Sdn Bhd
  • Lorry Driver – Kossan Paint
  • Part-Time Work From Home Jobs
    For those who can’t or don’t want to work outside of the house, as well as those who need a high level of flexibility, part-time work from home jobs are a good choice. There are lots of part-time job vacancies for those who want or need to work remotely, including the following:

Content Writer
Content writers are in charge of writing and editing content for various businesses and their websites. They write landing page copy, blog posts, social media posts, email copy, and more. Most content writers work from home and can set their own schedules, making this a very flexible job for those who want to work remotely and want to enjoy a great deal of freedom.

Content Writer Job Listings

  • Content Writer – Ariyes Online
  • Freelance Content Writer – Maukerja Malaysia
  • Content Marketing Writer – Launchpad Malaysia
  • Copywriter – JustSimple
  • Content Writer – The Lorry Online
  • UI/UX Designer
  • UI/UX (short for User Interface/User Experience) designers are in charge of making sure websites and applications look good and function the way they’re supposed to.

Many UI/UX designers, especially those who are new to the field, work part-time from home. This gives them a chance to sharpen their skills on a schedule that works best for them.

UI/UX Designer Job Listings

  • Part-Time UI/UX Designer – Live Commerce Sdn Bhd
  • Part-Time UI/UX Designer – Seeka Limited
  • Part-Time UI/UX Designer – TeamViewer GmbH
  • Part-Time UI/UX Designer – Jabil
  • UX/UI Designer – White Sand Group


  • Graphic Designer
    Graphic designers create graphics for packages, business logos, websites, marketing materials, and more. Like UI/UX designers, they often work part-time from home, especially as they’re building their portfolios and honing their craft.

Graphic Designer Job Listings

  • Graphic Designer – Maniqure My Sdn Bhd
  • Graphic Designer & IT – VJ Engineering Solutions Sdn Bhd
  • Graphic Designer/InDesign Specialist – VirtualStaff365
  • Jawatan Kosong Part Time Graphic Designer – Green Herbology Sdn Bhd
  • Jawatan Kosong Graphic Designer – RT Pastry House


  • Part-Time Weekend Jobs
    Do you only have time to do part-time work on the weekends? That’s okay! Part-time weekend jobs are a good way to earn extra cash without having to give up on your full-time, 9-5 job.

Here are some part-time weekend jobs to keep in mind:

Personal Shopper
Personal shoppers receive customers’ shopping lists and then handle the process of going to the store, picking out items, and checking out for them. They also deliver the order to the customer in a timely manner. This is a great weekend job for those who want to earn a little extra cash and don’t mind spending a lot of time in grocery stores.

Personal Shopper Job Listings

  • Personal Shopper – Manpower Group Malaysia
  • Personal Shopper – Coreil Consulting Sdn Bhd
  • Personal Shopper – RecruitFirst Malaysia
  • Personal Shopper/Picker – Stargate


  • IT Support
    IT support (also known as tech support) jobs require you to address technical issues that are preventing customers from having a positive experience. Some IT support jobs are available only on the weekends for those who are looking for limited part-time work.

IT Support Job Listings

  • IT Helpdesk (Japanese-speaking) – NTT
  • Part-Time (As Needed) Onsite IT Consultant – Miles Technologies
  • Technical Support Engineer – Confluent
  • Helpdesk Engineer – Shopee
  • Service Desk – Ambition


  • Call Center Representative
    As a call center representative, you will answer phones and help the company for which you work to make a great first impression on every customer or client who contacts them. Lots of call center representative jobs are available for weekend workers, and many of them offer varied shift options as well. These characteristics, in particular, make working as a call center representative an excellent and flexible part-time job in Malaysia and beyond.

Call Center Representative Job Listings

  • Work from Home Call Center Representative – Panity
  • Customer Service Representative – SOCAR Mobility Asia
  • Work from Home Customer Support – Gp Outsourcing Asia Sdn Bhd
  • Customer Service Representative – Circle K
  • Customer Service Executive – Shangri-La Shared Services Sdn Bhd

8 Most In-Demand Jobs In Malaysia For 2022:

1. Information technology and software application growth
Technology jobs remain in high need these days, as firms from various sectors incorporate digital modern technology right into their daily operations. A boosting reliance on electronic innovation indicates more task opportunities in tech.

Software and app programmers get on top of the list, as they are in charge of creating digital systems for services. The same goes for web developers as well as user experience (UX) designers; these experts supply wise styles for these systems in order to boost service efficiency. The increase of telecommuting has made information technology (IT) jobs one of one of the most in-demand, as well. Positions such as system experts and cyber protection experts are still essential in companies that require to establish brand-new IT systems for the brand-new regular.

Jobseekers with a background in IT should make one of the most out of these boosting opportunities. Coming from a different industry? You can think about a profession shift to technology by upgrading or including in your abilities.


Saudi Aramco Jobs & Career

2. Digital advertising and marketing work
Part of Malaysia’s change to the electronic room is the evolution of sales and also advertising. Lots of firms are currently aware of the relevance of electronic advertising and marketing with today’s generation of consumers. Digital usage and also interaction have raised throughout the years as well as have actually accelerated further throughout the pandemic. This has actually opened up new functions in firms trying to take advantage of this new market opportunity.

A digital advertising and marketing expert is a perfect work for those that wish to develop, take care of, and also perform electronic advertising projects. Thus, it is among one of the most sought-after jobs for the future. A marketing analyst role is for those who have expertise in data analysis. At the same time, jobseekers that have a passion for social media can find a duty as social media sites supervisors.

There are additionally lots of functions in web content advertising and marketing, whether it’s as author or editor for composed content, or video clip manufacturer or graphic artist for video clip content. Digital advertising is the brand-new name of the game in marketing and sales today. It is a market loaded with lots of chances particularly for jobseekers who are eager as well as willing to upskill and also learn brand-new things.

3. Financing work
Times may transform yet money remains a consistent for any economy. As many companies adjust to new obstacles, people with monetary expertise are substantially required. Financial experts, investment consultants, and accounting professionals are crucial placements in today’s market. They contribute in leading services via this tough economic duration and also helping them survive and even prosper by increasing profit possibilities. It goes without saying, fund jobs will certainly continue to be amongst one of the most sought-after work in Malaysia.

4. Task supervisors
The capacity to adapt has been the most essential quality for business during these past few years. That is why there has been an increased need for job supervisors, who are accountable for steering workplaces as they shift into the new regular. A task manager holds a placement that is of fantastic usage in various corporate functions, whether in business continuity, sales, or even office administration. Where there is a new business opportunity, there is always a great need for project managers. As 2022 offers new possibilities, this role will continue to offer great career potential.

5. Business development and sales executives
New business opportunities for the coming years also mean more demand for workers in business development and sales. Companies will be looking to leverage new revenue streams and marketing opportunities as they continue to adapt to the new normal. As such, sales executives will need to be resourceful. Traditional sales skills such as communication and people skills are still needed but upskilling in digital marketing will be valuable in 2022. Sales executives these days need to be well-versed in email and social media marketing to generate more leads and increase conversion.

6. Medical professionals
As the pandemic continues to create uncertainty, health will continue to be a top priority in Malaysia. This means that medical professionals, especially nurses, will continue to be in high demand. The country’s healthcare industry was one of the hardest hit during the pandemic. So, it will need all the support it can get in the coming year. This will remain the case even as Malaysia ramps up vaccination, healthcare for those recovering from COVID-19, and monitoring of new cases.

7. Educators
The educational system also went through major upheaval over the last two years, forcing teachers to adapt on the fly and shift to at-home learning. Schools and universities in Malaysia continue to be in remote learning mode and may still be the case in the next school year. Educational institutions will be looking for teachers who are tech-savvy and well-versed in new teaching techniques catered to the digital age.

Teachers may need to improve their tech skills as well as update their teaching skills for the new normal. Schools and universities are looking to bridge the generation gap between teachers and students, who are digital natives of the current technologies. As much as there are challenges with the current educational setup, there are also plenty of opportunities that teachers can tap with the technology available to them.

8. Customer service executives
Aside from the economy’s shift into digital technology, another significant change that may prove lasting is the emphasis on customer service. In difficult times, it is paramount for companies to place special attention on the human side of business. Never has the phrase “the customer is always right” been more relevant than today, when brands need to be more aware of their products’ benefits to people’s lives.

Jobseekers should look for increased opportunities in customer service. Soft skills such as patience, professionalism, and problem-solving will still be important to hirers. But to have a future-proof career in customer service, you must also learn all about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Customer service jobs are no longer just limited to resolving customer issues. With CRM, customer service practitioners are now expected to be proficient in upselling and analysing customer behaviour. Be sure to take a course on CRM so that you can have a more holistic approach to customer service.

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