How To Get A Flight Attendant Jobs In 6 Easy Ways

Getting a flight attendant job can be an excellent way to start your career, especially if you are the types that love meeting new people every day.

This career part can be fun to hit the ground, and if you are a natural-born globetrotter, you will enjoy more things that attach to the work.

Some of your primary responsibility is to ensure all passengers’ safety in the plane and ensure they are comfortable and calm during the flight. Also, if you have strong stamina and good communication skills, then you are good to go.

Getting flight attendant jobs can be challenging, as it is highly competitive, with hundreds of applicants hoping to get their dream job secure.

What is a Flight Attendant?

We can define a flight attendant as an air steward/stewardess or a host/hostess and is the foremost responsible for ensuring that passengers are pretty safe and more comfortable on flights as they respond to customer concerns and serve food and drink.

A flight attendant is usually employed to work on a commercial flight; they are present in private, business, or military aviation.

Why many pursue a career in flight attendant jobs? The answer is simple; it is because the job comes with special perks! Excellent benefits packages, air hosts enjoy free plane tickets, free meals, and housing, and lastly, they can meet the occasional celebrity!

They enjoy flexible work schedules and a strictly regulated industry, as they never work more than 95 hours a month which the Association of Flight Attendants mandates.

To achieve your dream, you must be prepared to train hard to become a flight attendant as you will be on your feet for most of the flight while you handled heavy luggage and backpacks regularly.

6 Ways to get Flight Attendant Jobs

Flight attendant jobs
Flight attendant jobs

Start your search

The first thing is to start searching by visiting the central and regional airline websites for job openings, and next is to hit up job fairs and recruiters specializing in airline careers.

Create a Gleaming Resume

Your resume is another essential thing you need because your resume should reflect any customer service skills and maybe any experience in the travel, leisure, or high-end luxury retail or dining sectors.

The purpose is to sell yourself as a great flight attendant and travel ambassador for the airline.

Fill out an Application

You have to fill all applications form whenever you visit the airline website, and there is no rule against that. Then you must be above 18 years old, be a high school graduate, speak English, and ready to meet minimum height, weight, and reach specifications.

Time for the Interview

Once you are chosen for a first interview after your application is vetted, the interview is often conducted online through a video. You have to dress modestly but appropriately for that interview and ready to recite your background and qualifications for the job.

Be confident to speak and look the interviewer in the eye; these are the traits you will need on a busy flight.

Flight Attendant Training Camp

The training lasts about six weeks, and your best move is to keep your ears open and ask questions about the job.

Make sure to follow all instructions and give your best to be good.

Getting a Job Offer

Once you get a job offer, you have the right to thoroughly review the request to make sure it good for you.

Read all the job details to know what you are getting into as a flight attendant, especially in terms of job responsibilities and time requirements.

Tasks and duties

  • Preparing and serving meals and refreshments for passengers.
  • Performing first aid when required.
  • Checking passengers’ tickets and directing them to seats and cabins.
  • Ensuring that adequate supplies of emergency equipment and refreshments are on board.
  • Conducting safety checks and demonstrations of safety equipment and procedures, such as how and when to use the plane’s seat belts, oxygen masks, and life vests.
  • Handling security issues when required.
  • Tidying aircraft cabins and stowing food, equipment, and cabin baggage.
  • Taking care of passengers’ needs, particularly those with special needs.
  • Assisting passengers with customs and immigration documentation.
  • Distributing reading material, pillows, blankets, and other amenities for the comfort of passengers.
  • Assisting and directing passengers in emergencies and carrying out emergency procedures.

These above task and duties are mandatory for a flight attendant to perform.

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