5 ways to hack Your Iphone And How You Can Avoid It

When referring to Apple products, it has different gadgets, and the iPhone is a line of touchscreen-based smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc.

It uses Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, and the iPhone’s user interface is built around a multi-touch screen with a virtual keyboard.

Now, as we know, the internet is everywhere and expands beyond any other thing, any phone can be a hack, and the iPhone is more robust than other phones. 

The answer is, can iPhone be hackable? 

According to the latest development, the iPhone is one of the most secure consumer devices globally, which is well robust and reliable.

But, during some recent years now, researcher Natalie Silvanovich has explained that there are new ways that hackers can covertly compromise the iPhone.

Hacking an iPhone can sometimes sound funny and is quite popular these days, and till the time it is ethical, it becomes interesting since iPhones are known for high security.

Some people still believe that the iPhone can’t be hacked, especially when you consider that Apple keeps updating its system.

Below, i will list out five different hacking methods that you can employ to hack another iPhone.

hack iphone


Cocospy is the best phone tracking and monitoring tools, i know maybe hearing it for the first time. It has millions of users who trust its services, whereas it is the most popular tool to hack iPhone.

Cocospy has more than 35 features available for the users. See some of the features below.

· Web-based interface

· 100% secure

· Social media monitoring

· GPS tracker

· Geofencing

· Access to the gallery

· Monitor text messages

· Call monitor

These eight features is part and still have so many features.

SIRI to Bypass Passcode

Siri is the best and can be used to hack iPhone, is no doubt our personal assistance.

Method to use for hacking iPhone with Siri.

-For you to unlock the iPhone, press the “Home” button until Siri appears on your screen.

-Ask Siri what the time is. Siri will display the time.

-Tap on the clock image to open the World clock, timer, or alarm.

-Tap on the timer and select “When timer ends” option.

-Scroll your screen in an upward motion and select the “Buy more tones” option. This action will open the “Apple store”.

-Press the “Home” button to open the main or home screen. 

That’s it. You have now opened the previously locked iPhone without using the passcode.


Here is another great tool you can use to monitor and track the phone. Millions of users have tested it and confirmed the work, like Life Wire and CNET, also have positive experiences.

These tools also have some features like monitor calls, check texts, find the location, check social media accounts, and these features make up for a useful iPhone hack.

mSpy Program

This program is a great one that performed various iPhone hacks like hacking contacts, WhatsApp, messages, location, and access to photos and videos from the target iPhone.

All the tools have different ways of working, and trust me mSpy program is more developed and provides you with a positive result.

Pegasus Software

Since Apple has updated its policies, Pegasus software will work and hack iPhones, but the users will get to know that they are being hacked, which means that it isn’t strong like Cocospy and Spyic. 

These two tools have power and make hacking iPhone convenient and straightforward.

Ways to avoid been hack

There are so many ways to protect our iPhones from being hacked. See some steps below.

  1. Keep Your Accounts Secure: Use iCloud Keychain to Generate Unique Passwords
  2. Stop iPhone Security Flaws: Update iOS Regularly
  3. Keep the Data on Your iPhone Safe: Turn On Find My on Your iPhone
  4. Stay Away from Phishing Scams & Pop-Ups: Be Cautious Online, in Messages & When Opening Emails
  5. Use an End-to-End Encryption Service

With these five steps, we should be able to avoid being hacked.

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