Why failure is important to good project management

Any project that leads to success always passed through failure in the first place. We can say failure can be described as the state or condition that happened for not getting close to a desirable or intended objective, which may be seen as the opposite of success.

Failure is attached with so many things and can come in any area. Let’s see some review on the aspect of failure.

It occurred mostly when a project is a long term and then fails to live up to its promises and produce disappointing outcomes.

Also, a short-term project can be tedious at times due to the short time given to complete it, and if care is not taken, failure likely to occur.

Nobody wants to admit to their failure, even the company’s head boss, and good project management needs a thorough strategy to over failure.

Evaluate your project at the start and closely examine all before starting, and after following these steps, you will eventually get good project management.

To get this point clear, failure in project management is not a step backward. It’s an excellent stepping stone to your goal, and we never learn to move out of our comfort zone if we fail to overcome our failure.

Experiencing a failure to good project management made us gained irreplaceable knowledge and the unstoppable perseverance from overcoming hardship in any project.

All this talking is just to let us understand why failure is vital to good project management.

Importance of failure to good project management

good project management
  1. Prevents you from being complacent
  2. You gain more experience for future
  3. It makes you stronger
  4. Teaches you the value of success

Good project management

Good project management attaches with many skills, and as we have said above, failure can happen when trying to create good project management. 

We can say good project management is a direction of initiating, planning, executing, and managing resources to get a specific task and budget done. 

The quality to make a good project manager 

  • Effective communication skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Good decision-maker
  • Technical expertise
  • Inspires a shared vision
  • Team-building skills
  • Cool under pressure

All these qualities we mentioned above can lead to good project management.

Let’s quickly look at some common ways that lead project management to failure. 

  1. Failure to identify critical assumptions
  2. Project managers who lack experience and training
  3. Poorly defined project scope
  4. Poor management of expectations
  5. Ineffective leadership
  6. Lack of detailed documentation
  7. Failure to track progress
  8. Failure to track requirements
  9. Lack of detail in the project plans
  10. Inaccurate time and effort estimates

How to learn from the first mistake that jeopardizes the excellent project management 

Take Responsibility: 

Taking responsibility for your failure can be challenging and feel uncomfortable, but you have to acknowledge that you messed things up.

If you can’t admit to your mistake, then you definitely can’t make things right and improve on it. 

Admit that you’re not good enough:

This is a challenging task as it can be uncomfortable to allow that you’re not pretty good enough yet.

Accepting that you are not the best and good enough can lead to you the best because the point you need to hold is that, yes, you failed this time around, and you can probably do better.

Reflect on Your Experience:

Most people lack this aspect, and you can never overcome failure if you denied this vital point. 

Whenever you are feeling sad about your failure, kindly write your thoughts and feelings in a book, review it, and analyze your mistake and give you a fresh perspective.

Then you can work on where you wrong. By doing this, you will understand the problem clearly and fix it for a better result.

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