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Entry Level Canadian Jobs

Entry Level Canadian Jobs: Canada is the most wonderful and ideal place to live. It is one of the nations with the best economies in the entire planet. But, obtaining a job in Canada requires either a skill or the right education. Every year, Canada offers a variety of programs, including PNPs and other programs, through which it provides job possibilities for people. Because to the intense competition in Canada, you can start to worry about how you will survive once you arrive. These are a few Canadian entry-level positions that you can choose from.

It’s not required to start your job with a high pay scale. But once you get going, you can gradually get better at it. If you have the necessary abilities, you may work as a driver or a receptionist. If you have further schooling in your field, you could work as a pharmacist, veterinarian, or electrical engineer.

In this blog, we’ll talk about entry-level employment in Canada and their starting pay. The firm or corporation where you work may have different pay scales. So let’s get going.

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What Kind of Careers Are Entry Level in Canada?

Let’s say you recently earned a degree. A job you want can be hard to get all at once. Prior to learning about the position and becoming an expert, you must have relevant experience. The same holds true for visitors to Canada. They lack prior experience in that position. They can now apply for entry-level positions.

An entry-level position is one where you get practical experience in the field of your choice. Employee benefits are typically not offered for this type of work. These jobs or internships teach you a lot. As soon as you start working, you develop and are compensated in accordance with your needs. A person must have a Canadian work permit, a certificate with all of their details, and proof of their employment if they travel to Canada.

Basic Conditions for Obtaining a Canada Work Permit

The following criteria must be met in order for you to be eligible for a work permit in Canada:

  • You must not have a criminal history.
  • You must possess documentation of your good health.
  • To demonstrate that you can sustain yourself, you must have the necessary finances and documentation.
  • To obtain the work permit, you must meet the requirements for the job.
  •   When your work permit expires, you shouldn’t make plans to stay in Canada and take a flight back to your home nation.

Popular Canadian Towns with the Greatest Employment Opportunities

In Canada, there are work opportunities in many cities. Also, several provinces publish provincial nominee programs (PNPs) that call for local qualified people. Nonetheless, the following are a few of the well-known Canadian cities with the highest employment opportunities:

  • Montreal
  • Toronto \sWinnipeg
  • Edmonton
  • Vancouver \sCalgary

Entry-Level Positions in Canada (from Lowest Paid to Highest Paid)

n terms of employment, Canada is one nation that welcomes the majority of foreigners. Foreigners who live and work in Canada make up one fifth of the country’s population. Later, they seek for Canadian PR, are granted it, and sponsor their family, resulting in the arrival of a lovely and prosperous family in Canada.

We have listed a few entry-level and career-starting positions together with their expected salaries. Some of them demand prior academic achievement, while others don’t. Read over the list and decide which position will enable you to have a fulfilling life for both you and your family.

Employment for Waiters in Canada

A person who serves food to customers is known as a waiter or waitress. In addition to restaurants, hotels, and airlines, servers can be useful. The servers also display the menu to diners and give the chefs a report on it. In Canada, it is among the lowest-paying jobs. The food tray is likewise created by a waiter and delivered to the clients. Mathematics abilities, a neat appearance, and client patience are the primary prerequisites for a waiter profession. There is no set educational requirement.

Please choose to submit your CV together with your application at the Marriot Canada, Oak Bay Beach Hotel, Fairmont Waterfront, Sofitel Canada, or five sails restaurant if you are interested in beginning to work as a waiter in Canada.

Entry-level compensation is $24,375 annually.

Hotel Receptionist Jobs in Canada

A hotel receptionist is responsible for handling all incoming guests. He advises them on making hotel reservations, the cost, and the amenities the hotel provides. As others come to him for answers to their questions, he must also direct them. You require a high school graduation or GED, as well as some fundamental computer abilities, such as the ability to use Microsoft Excel.

Please consider sending your Resume together with your application to Station Mont Tremblant Hotel, Bistro Bel Air Hotel, Pangea Pod Hotel, and other hotels in Canada if you are eager to begin working as a hotel receptionist there.

Beginning Pay = $25,350 annually.

Careers for Dishwashers in Canada

A talented employee who works as a dishwasher at a restaurant. The restaurant’s dishwashing staff also scrubs the floor and washes the trays in addition to washing the dishes. All of the plates, pots, glasses, and other utensils are neatly arranged in storage compartments by the dishwasher. There are no formal requirements to work as a dishwasher in Canada. You do, however, need some fundamental abilities like time management, the capacity to follow instructions, and the capacity to operate machinery.

Please send your resume and cover letter to Canada’s top restaurants, including Canoe, ARC Restaurant and Bar, 1 Elgin Restaurant, etc.

The starting salary package is $27,108 annually.

Jobs for Sales Associates in Canada

The worth of the company is greatly increased by a sales representative. He takes care of the flooring and other assets that draw clients to the business. One of the jobs with the lowest pay in Canada is sales associate. You need a high school graduation or GED, practical experience in marketing and customer service, rudimentary math skills, and an understanding of English to operate as a sales associate.

You can submit an application at the Montreal Eaton Centre, 7-Eleven, Sleep Country Canada, and other locations that offer sales associate positions.

Beginning Pay = $25,350 annually.

Administrative assistant jobs in Canada

Administrative assistants are the ones who do all of the lower-level clerical tasks. These people make sure that the admin can effectively communicate with the rest of the personnel and carry out all of its tasks. You need a high school certificate or GED in appropriate courses, some familiarity with Microsoft Office, and strong communication abilities to work as an administrative assistant in Canada.

Administrative assistant jobs are frequently available at TD, G. Abato & Sons Italian Market, and Royal Bank of Canada. Therefore you have the option to apply for an administrative assistant position in Canada.

At the beginning level, administrative assistants in Canada can make $18.59 per hour.

Careers for General Laborers in Canada

General laborers are individuals who carry out laborer’s duties like trench-digging, house-building, and other activities. Generic laborers are paid differently based on the business where they work and behave accordingly. You need a CSCS worker card and the necessary abilities to work as a laborer in Canada. There are no particular requirements for it.

For jobs as a general laborer in Canada, look for general laborer positions at Techo-Bloc, Holcim, Aerotek, etc.

Beginning Pay = $25,350 annually.

Jobs for grocery store clerks in Canada

A person who assists customers in finding what they’re looking for at the grocery store is known as a grocery store attendant in Canada. They assist clients in locating affordable, high-quality goods at the store. One of the lowest paying jobs in Canada is that of a grocery store clerk. A grocery store attendant is not obliged to possess any particular credentials. You must, however, possess the specific abilities needed for the position, such as the capacity to work long hours and the ability to interact with customers.

In Canada, Saslove’s Meat Market (Ottawa) Ltd, Three Roads Farms, and Sobey’s locations may have openings for the position of grocery store attendant.

Entry-level pay is $25,350 annually.

Employment for Merchandisers in Canada

An individual who delivers a product and responds to customer inquiries is known as a merchandiser. He fixes every issue a consumer has with their goods and solicits feedback from clients about them. You need to have analytical abilities and a high school diploma or GED to work as a merchandiser in Canada.

If you’re looking for a career as a merchandiser in Canada, your options include Shopper’s Drug Store, Laura Canada, and Mosaic North America. Send in your application and resume to the desired retailer.

Total Compensation = $33,150 year. Entry-level Salary: $29,250 year

Employment for Drivers in Canada

In Canada, a driver is a person who offers pick-up and drop-off services to customers. Moreover, it has one of the lowest salaries in Canada. Via skilled immigration, people from other countries apply for this position. The drivers may operate cars, vans, trucks, or private vehicles. You must graduate an internationally recognized vocational driving course, have a lot of driving experience, and possess a valid driving license in order to work as a driver in Canada. But you must be able to operate a car or a truck and have a driver’s license. Also, you need strong analytical, listening, and speaking abilities in both French and English.

On LinkedIn, you may look for delivery driver jobs in Canada. Nevertheless, Agri Fresh, Slumber Country, and UPS Canada are a few places that can need a driver’s license.

initial compensation package = 34,125 CDN year.

Jobs for Marketing Associates in Canada

A marketing associate gathers and examines marketing-related data. He assesses the marketing-related gaps in the expertise of various professions and businesses and strives to provide them the best advice possible. You must be a marketing graduate or hold an associate degree to work as a marketing associate in Canada. For success as a marketing associate in Canada, you also need to have strong communication, speaking, and Technology abilities.

You can look for marketing associate jobs in Canada on the websites Elevate Vancouver, The Acquisition Group, and the City of Hamilton.

Starting Salary: $37,000 annually

Social Media Manager Positions in Canada

In addition, one of the fastest expanding occupations is social media management. Celebrity and other people’s social media profiles are managed by a social media manager. He can negotiate agreements relating to fans, compensated marketing, celebrity PR, and other influencers. You need a bachelor’s degree and a major in business administration, marketing, communications, or journalism if you want to work as a social media manager in Canada.

For social media managers in Canada, Golden Blocks Peer Mentoring and Bank of Montreal are excellent employers.

Starting Pay = $36,074 annually.

Careers for Athletes in Canada

A person who is physically fit is an athlete. He is in good health, an expert at playing any sport, and is capable of competing against other players. At first, an athlete’s pay is not very high. The professional, however, has the potential to rise to the position of one of the best earners as time goes on and he gets exposure and expertise.

You must have earned an internationally renowned award or possess an internationally renowned athletics qualification in order to be eligible to begin working as an athlete in Canada. You must, however, possess a skill like physical fitness and a fundamental understanding of what athletes perform. For a position hiring athletes in Canada, visit George Brown College, Paralympic, and Junglesport Inc.

Total Compensation = $38,250 year.

Jobs for Opticians in Canada

A person who adjusts a person’s spectacles and eyeglass lenses is known as an optician. He performs his duties in accordance with the ophthalmologist’s prescription. An optician does not receive much pay because he simply fixes the glasses to the prescription. You need a high school diploma or an equivalent degree in optics education to work as an optician in Canada. Also, you must have completed 2-3 years of on-the-job training.

In Canada, IRIS Visual Group, Greiche & Scaff, and BonLook all accept applications for positions as opticians.

The annual salary package is $40,000.

Positions for Welders in Canada

One who welds is known as a welder. It is a vital profession for skilled immigrants who are qualified but lack the necessary education to work in Canada. They build industries, bridges, and carry out other associated duties.

You must complete a welding training course, a three-year apprenticeship program, or have extensive welding experience in order to apply for a job as a welder in Canada.

Welders are frequently needed in a variety of businesses and construction projects. To apply to work there as a Welder, you can send your resume and application to Maritime and Shipbuilders Local 506, Alberta Council of Turnaround Industry maintenance stakeholders, etc.

Total Compensation = $42,858 annually.

Jobs for Copywriters in Canada

A copywriter is someone who creates content for websites that is related to marketing, sales, information, or other topics. The copywriter creates genuine content and gives readers real information. To work as a copywriter, you must have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree program. You can become more proficient at copywriting by learning some fundamental SEO techniques.

Many copywriter positions are available in Canada through MetrixCove, Publicis Groupe, and OLIVER Agency.

Total Compensation = $42,900 year.

Jobs for Assistants in Public Relations in Canada

An expert who handles all the duties associated with conveying messages of public service is known as a public relations assistant. They create the brochure and organize and carry out the government’s vital messages to the public via newsletters, television, campaigns, etc. A two-year college public relations diploma from any institution is required to work as a public relations assistant in Canada. These diplomas are offered by an Ontario college.

The Canadian companies Quantum Management Services Ltd. and CreativeHub 1352 are accepting applications for the position of public relations assistant.

Total Compensation = $44,677 year.

Pilot Jobs in Canada

Those who fly airplanes are known as pilots. To succeed as a pilot, you must possess the necessary skills, training, and knowledge. You become a skilled pilot after a lot of training and practice, and your pay scale increases significantly.

You need to have finished secondary school and an approved flying or aviation school in Canada if you want to become a pilot. Training requires a diploma or degree certificate. You would also need to have a current commercial pilot’s license in order to apply for a job as a commercial pilot at any Canadian airline. For pilot positions, you can apply to Air Canada, Boeing, and Porter Airlines.

Total Compensation = $55,000 annually.

Jobs for Financial Advisors in Canada

The people who can help you with your financial decisions are financial advisors. They also offer you advice on any further financial management issues you may have. Your company potential and possible investments are also discussed with you by your financial advisors. You need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in finance and pass the national financial adviser exam in order to operate as a financial advisor.

As a financial advisor in Canada, you can submit an application to TD, Royal Bank of Canada, and CIBC.

Total Compensation = $56,931 year.

Jobs for Accountants in Canada

A person who can manage a company’s accounts and finances is known as an accountant. An accountant assesses the situation and offers a plan for troubled finances. Also, he offers advice on how to alter it and improve the business’s profitability. You need a bachelor’s or university degree and training from a recognized institute of chartered accountants in your province to become a chartered accountant.

As an accountant in Canada, you can join Kerr Financial Group and Questrade Financial Group.

Salary Package = 57,479 dollars annually.

Jobs for Heavy Machinery Mechanics in Canada

We are aware that some machinery cannot be serviced by standard mechanics and needs heavy machinery. Heavy-duty equipment mechanics execute their duties on bulkier machinery, like that utilized in industries, and ensure that it operates effectively.

To be a heavy-duty mechanic, you can apply to CEDA, Tolko Industries, and Canadian Pacific Railway.

Pay Package: $60,546 annually

Careers for Dental Hygienists in Canada

It is the job of dental hygienists to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. They carry out a number of procedures, including root canals, plaque removal, etc., to maintain oral hygiene and offer a stunning new smile. A diploma or degree in dental hygiene from an accredited college or university is required to work as a dental hygienist in Canada.

If you want to work as a dental hygienist, you may submit an application at Thompson Valley Dental and Celian Group.

Total Compensation = $62,400 year.

Careers for Industrial Electricians in Canada

An industrial electrician is a person who handles all of the industries’ electrical work. We are aware of how crucial it is for an industry to always have a power supply in order to maintain heavy-duty performance. You must have successfully finished a four- or five-year industrial electrician apprenticeship program from a reputed university in order to become an industrial electrician.

To work as an industrial electrician, you can apply for Techo-Bloc, Total Construction Solutions, or Maple Leaf Foods.

Total Compensation = $65,423 year.

Careers for Veterinarians in Canada

Veterinarians, also referred to as vets or pet physicians, are those who examine pets owned by humans or other animals. They take care of their illnesses, give them vaccinations, and carry out other tasks that enhance the animals’ well-being. To operate as a veterinarian in Canada, you must possess a four-year veterinary medicine degree from an accredited institution plus two years of pre-veterinary university training.

To work as a veterinarian, submit an application to Nepean Animal Hospital, North Star Veterinary Clinic, Livingston Animal Hospital, etc.

Total Compensation = $69,743 annually.

Jobs for Business Development Managers in Canada

A business developing manager is someone who is in charge of carrying out the task of boosting a company’s sales. They also develop fresh approaches to boost a business’s sales. A bachelor’s degree or diploma in business administration, marketing, communications, business management, or a related field is required to work as a company developing manager.

To work as a business development manager, you can submit an application to Adi Development Group, PenderFund Capital Management, and Sterling Crane.

Total Compensation = $71,260 year.

Careers for Registered Nurses in Canada

A registered nurse carries out all tasks to enhance patients’ health. She consoles the patients, keeps an eye on how they’re doing, and makes sure they take their medication as prescribed. To practice as a registered nurse in Canada, you must have passed a license test and a 4-year nursing curriculum.

To work as a registered nurse, submit an application to VON Canada, Canadian Health Laboratories, and other hospitals.

Total Compensation = $71,868 annually.

Jobs for Web Developers in Canada

According to the needs of the business, a web developer builds websites. A web developer is capable of carrying out all tasks, including enhancing performance and resolving technological difficulties. Working remotely is simple for web developers. Hence, it benefits those who are physically ill. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, web designing, graphic arts, and computer science is required to work as a web developer.

To work as a web developer in Canada, you can submit an application at Web by Craig, Goat, and other such places.

Total Compensation = $72,716 year.

HR Manager Jobs in Canada

All of the HR team’s tasks are managed by an HR manager. The HR managers are crucial in giving the staff with expert sessions, in-depth training, and problem-solving. An HR manager is in charge of raising the team’s performance and giving them fantastic possibilities that will result in promotions. You need a university degree or a diploma in human resource management, business administration, industrial relations, etc. if you want to work as an HR manager in Canada.

To apply for a position as an HR manager, visit Philips, Elevated HR Solutions, HLC Talent, and other similar organizations.

Total Compensation = $76,813 year.

Jobs for Software Engineers in Canada

One of the most exciting careers in Canada is software engineering. An engineer in software can work from the convenience of his home. A software engineer creates websites, maintains them, and offers clients services. You must have graduated in software engineering from an accredited college or university to work as a software engineer in Canada.

Software developers can find fantastic work in companies like Tata Consultancy Services, GE, Intuit, etc.

Salary Package = 77,283 dollars annually.

HR Officers in Canada

One of the most vital and effective industries in Canada is the human resources sector. All aspects of human resource management, including team management, recruiting, and training new hires, are under the purview of an HR officer. You need a diploma in business administration, psychology, or commerce, among other fields, in order to work as an HR officer.

To work as an HR officer, submit an application to SGI, Mecademic, and KUBRA.

Total Compensation = $78,315 year.

Careers for University Professors and Lecturers in Canada

One of Canada’s noble professions is being a university professor or lecturer. With a high starting wage, you can work as a university lecturer and professor and enjoy your life. Students have a great deal of regard for lecturers and professors at universities. As a university professor or lecturer, you must hold a Ph.D. in the subject you will be teaching to the students from an accredited institution.

For positions as a University Professor and Lecturer, you can submit an application to the Universities of Ottawa, McMaster, and York.

Total Compensation = $78,366 year.

Legal Positions in Canada

One of the professions with the highest salaries in Canada is law. By advocating on their behalf and providing evidence, a lawyer fights for the case of innocent individuals and aids the judge in granting them justice. By pursuing the necessary degree, a person can become a successful lawyer. To practice law in Canada, you must have completed a JD program or a first-level common law degree from a respectable university.

You may apply to work as a lawyer at Axiom, Vialto Partners, and Ataccama.

Salary Package = 78,673 dollars annually.

Jobs for Electrical Engineers in Canada

An electrical engineer creates, manages, and develops electrical equipment used in industries, home appliances, and other applications. By earning an appropriate degree in electrical engineering, you can land this well-paying position. To work as an electrical engineer in Canada, you must have completed your undergraduate degree in the field.

You can look for employment as an electrical engineer with Lfpl Overseas Solutions, Enerkem Inc., and DNV.

Total Compensation = $78,713 year.

Project Manager Positions in Canada

An assigned project is managed by the project manager. A project manager typically accepts the charge of constructing certain structures, like homes, factories, industries, etc., and is compensated by the government. Additionally, he employs experts for it and gives them assignments to complete. You need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in project management or business to work as a project manager in Canada.

You may be able to get work as a project manager at Hitachi Solutions, Collabera Technologies, Eminence Organic Skin Care, etc.

Total Compensation = $79,657 year.

Jobs for Aerospace Engineers in Canada

A person who manufactures and fixes the engines of airplanes and other items utilized in them is known as an aeronautical engineer. One of the highest-paying professions in Canada is aeronautical engineering. By earning an appropriate degree from a reputable university, you can become an aeronautical engineer. A bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, or engineering physics is required if you want to work as an aerospace engineer in Canada.

For positions in aerospace engineering, you can apply to the Canadian Space Mining Company and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Total Compensation = $80,009.

Careers for Accounting Managers in Canada

Managing a company’s accounting officers is the primary responsibility of an accounting manager. They are given assignments by him, and when they are finished, they turn them in. All tasks pertaining to accounts are managed by an accounting manager. In Canada, you can work as an accounting manager after earning the necessary degree. You need to earn an accounting degree if you want to work as an accounting manager in Canada.

To look for a job as an accounting manager in Canada, submit an application to Royalty General Construction Ltd., Skyline Group, and Aston Carter.

Total Compensation = $81,815 year.

Careers for Pharmacists in Canada

In Canada, a pharmacist can prescribe medications, calculate dosages, and assist patients with other medication-related issues. A pharmacist attends to a patient’s negative drug responses and advises on how to mitigate them. To work as a pharmacist in Canada, you need a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, a license from the Pharmaceutical Examining Board of Canada, and previous experience in the field.

A pharmacist can find employment in Canada with Walmart Canada, Sobeys, and NCR-Pharmacy.

Total Compensation = $86,144 year.

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