Company Details

Company Name: SNC-Lavalin

Address: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Industry: Civil Engineering

Company size: 10,000-40,000 employees

Founded: 1911

Specialties: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Project Management, Project Financing Services, Infrastructure, Oil and gas, Power, Mining and Metallurgy, Capital, Training, and Operations and maintenance



Perhaps the biggest and most well-known building services business in the country, SNC-Lavalin is based in Montreal, Quebec. The building and construction solutions they concentrate on period all fields ranging from oil and also gas to mining to setting and also water to transportation and roadway framework and even more.

The company has over 30,000 workers and also runs in greater than 160 nations across the globe. Their largest projects include educational centers, airports, nuclear power stations, and public transportation systems. SN-Lavalin has yearly incomes surpassing $7 billion.

Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec
Employees: 31,000 (2021)
Revenue: $7.37 billion (2021)

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