RTC1 Recruitment Services

Company Details:

Company: RTC1 Recruitment Services

Address: Dubai, Dubai, AE

Industry: Staffing and Recruiting

Company size: 200+

Founded: 1994

Website: http://www.rtc-1.com/

Staffing and Recruiting

Wrong Hires = Organizations Failure

RTC-1 Recruitment Services is committed to your organization’s success.

RTC-1 (www.RTC-1.com) is one of the leading recruitment firm in the UAE approved by the UAE Ministry of Labour and it is part of the RTC Group (RTCMCUSA) that was established 20 years ago. We currently have 4 branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with 55 executives supporting our clients with their Staffing & Outsourcing needs across the Gulf Region and Globally. We offer Permanent Placement, Outsourcing Services, and Overseas Bulk Recruitment Services with a very competitive market service fees. We cater for all positions covering all Industries. Our clients enjoy working with us because we have flexible and friendly team that is able to provide fast and quality services. Our executives have access to global portals as we are premium members of the largest jobseeker databases in the region and globally.
By using RTC-1 services, you can expect fast results with trust.

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