Medford Farms Ltd.

Company Details:

Company: Medford Farms Ltd. 

Address: 506 Medford Road, B0P1H0,Nova Scotia, Canada

Industry: Agriculture Farming [Vegetable and Other]

Employer: 100-500 Above



About Us

teBogt’s Produce & Meat is run by me, Emily teBogt. Growing up helping my family on their dairy and poultry farm, I always knew I wanted to continue farming, but take it in a different direction. In spring 2011 when I was 18 years old I grew my first market garden and sold my sweet corn, carrots and potatoes on the end of my driveway. After graduating from the Nova Scotia Agriculture College with my Plant Science diploma in 2012 I expanded my crop variety and started selling at the Wolfvile Farmers Market. Also in 2012 I bought my first 5 sheep the weekend after graduation. Then in 2013 I got my first flock of laying hens and 4 sows and a boar to breed the pigs. It’s been a lot of work building my business and acquiring tools to succeed such as cold storage for my vegetables and a greenhouse so I can be at the market year round. I love growing food and this life of a farmer, I knew it was my purpose in life since I was a teenager. I would be honoured to provide fodd for you and your family, so reach out and lets connect!

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