Al Futtaim

Company Details:

Company: Al Futtaim/

Address: Dubai, United Arab Emirates [That’s the reason why some of the world’s most admired and innovative brands from the USA, UK, Japan, Sweden, France, Germany and Switzerland – from sectors as diverse with each other as automotive, retail, real estate and finance – trust Al-Futtaim with their own reputation and commercial success.]

Industry: automotive, retail, real estate and finance

Company size: 50,000 People

Founded: 1940s and 1950s.


About Us

As a family-owned company, we approach everything we do with a long-term perspective because we think that sustained success necessitates unwavering dedication.

Because of this, some of the most renowned and cutting-edge companies in the world, including those in the automotive, retail, real estate, and finance industries, are trusted with the reputation and financial success of Al-Futtaim. These companies are based in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden, France, Germany, and Switzerland.

Additionally, we add significant value by connecting customers in more than 20 markets with these brands in modern, potent, poignant, and emotional ways that forge enduring relationships based on loyalty and mutual trust. This is made possible by our inherent customer-centric approach and unrelenting pursuit of perfection.

Our years of expertise have given us the ability to embrace and promote new, forward-thinking business methods and seamlessly incorporate them into our company DNA and people-first attitude while upholding the principle of integrity in a collaborative environment.


There are countless opportunities to join Al-Futtaim and make a difference given the wide range of businesses, positions, and places we serve. We embrace individuals with various professional and educational backgrounds and think that everyone has something to contribute.

Your job options are virtually limitless because to our four divisions: automotive, retail, finance, and real estate. There are positions ranging from mechanical engineer to visual merchandiser, marketing communications manager to e-commerce business analyst. You might take on a top senior management job or work on greenfield initiatives.

Al-Futtaim values and welcomes individuals who share these values and passions. We value talent and ability.

The work atmosphere at Al-Futtaim is very stimulating and encouraging, and our corporate culture recognizes, honors, and rewards excellence in performance. Every day, our teams all across the world push themselves to their boundaries to see what else we are capable of and how we can have an impact. We won’t accept anything less when it has the potential to be ground-breaking.

We also support our employees in finding a work-life balance that enables them to perform their best work. We put forth a lot of effort because we enjoy what we do and we never want to settle for less than our best. We also know when to take a break to rest, refuel, and unwind so we can continue to perform at the highest level.

Al-Futtaim is a challenging and fascinating place to work. Projects are continually being started, completed, and our future endeavors are being planned.

We recognize that your career ambitions will change as you gain new skills, just as our business does. To help you, we encourage you to roam across the company so that you can change careers, look into different industries, and broaden your expertise without being restricted to a single field.

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