About Sky Greens Canada

Company Details:

Company: Sky Greens Canada

Address: Mission Hill Plaza, St. Albert, AB T8N 5Y3 P.O. box 65096

Industry: Farming, Ranching, Forestry

Company size: 10-100

Website: http://www.skygreenscanada.com

growing, farming, maximizing farming yields, technological advancements, Creating food security , and Creating localized food market


Sky Greens Canada is the globe’s first low carbon, totally hydraulic, Vertical Farming System, generating premium fresh fruits and vegetables for local and international markets year-round. It’s our idea that food production as well as intake should be fresh, lean, and clean while zeroing down on power as well as food wastefulness.

When compared to standard monolayer ranches, the Skies Greens Canada patented Upright Farming System intensifies land usage and can cause 10 times much more produce each of acreage.

It is just via research as well as advancement that nations can get rid of the ever-demanding difficulties of unpredictable climate conditions, minimal cultivatable land, water, and also energy sources, as well as a swiftly expanding globe populace. Sky Greens Canada is committed to checking out cutting-edge agricultural design remedies to be at the forefront of urban agri-technological innovations.

The Sky Greens Vertical Farming System is an innovative agriculture option that minimizes environmental impact while making a bold relocation in the direction of international food security. Dealing with a range of pressing international challenges, the system is the globe’s very first low carbon, water-driven story that expands veggies through effective and very sustainable manufacturing techniques. Using marginal land, water and power sources, the system provides the area with fresh, in your area grown vegetables, and also has a drastically smaller carbon footprint than typical farming as well as import systems.

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