Tashi Sherpa, Author at Neb Student

10 Business Ideas to Quit Your 9-5 job

9-5 job

Hearing 9-5 job for the first time, well, it happened that way in which some words sound strange, but we will explain what is 9-5 job mean and the 10 business ideas you can start to quick 9-5 job. Our research revealed that 9-5 jobs are routine jobs, whereby it is often used to describe … Read more

Intelligent Machines and Our Children’s Uncertain Future

intelligent machines

When referring to the intelligent machines, it required the difference between intelligent and repetitive natural or programmed behavior is provided. The Intelligent Machines covered some areas like aerial navigation, ocean and space exploration, and humanoid robots. Talking about Intelligent Machines are an expression mostly used for humans and animals, then only presently for machines. We … Read more

What is ANTI Drone Technology ?

anti drone technology

What you need to know about Anti Drone technology Anti Drone is a crewless aircraft that can fly autonomously, which means without human control. Anti Drone technology is surveillance and used to detect or intercept unwanted drones. It is a scalable system. Anti Drone technology guides areas and facilities of various sizes, like airports, large … Read more