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500+Agriculture Jobs in Canada

500+Agriculture Jobs in Canada: With roots dating back to the country’s early years, agriculture is an important business in Canada. The agricultural industry continues to be a vital component of Canada’s economy today, supplying the nation’s population with food and other resources as well as helping rural communities all across the country. The many farm occupations that are available in Canada will be discussed in this article, along with information on the prospects and trends facing the sector.

There are many different types of professions in the Canadian agriculture sector, ranging from farm workers to food scientists and all in between. The country’s enormous landmass and varied climate enable a wide range of agricultural operations, from fruit and vegetable production in the Okanagan Valley to the production of grains and oilseeds in the Prairies. Due to the diversity of agricultural operations, there are now many different job opportunities, each requiring a different set of skills and qualifications.

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Farm work is one of the most prevalent types of agricultural employment in Canada. Jobs like farm laborers, crop and livestock workers, and machine operators fall under this category. Although livestock employees take care of and manage animals like cows, pigs, and chickens, farm workers tend to chores like planting, harvesting, and caring for crops. While equipment operators are in charge of operating and maintaining farm machinery like tractors, combines, and irrigation systems, farm laborers are responsible for a variety of chores on the farm, from cleaning to maintenance and repairs.

Food processing and manufacturing is another sector of the agriculture business that offers a lot of job opportunities. These tasks entail converting unprocessed agricultural products into value-added goods including baked goods, canned goods, and frozen foods. From entry-level professions like production line workers to highly trained positions like food scientists and quality control specialists, occupations in the food processing and manufacturing industry can range in skill level.

The Canadian agriculture sector provides employment possibilities in a variety of fields, including farming, food processing, agricultural research, marketing, and sales. New crop varieties and sustainable farming methods are being developed by agricultural researchers. Professionals in marketing and sales work to market and sell agricultural goods, including grain, cattle, and vegetables, to consumers in Canada and overseas.

The employment landscape for agricultural positions in Canada is dynamic, much like that of any other industry. The adoption of new technology like robotics and precision agriculture, as well as the rising demand for organic and locally produced food, have been some of the most important changes in the Canadian agriculture sector in recent years.

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Organic farming is one sector of the agricultural economy that has grown significantly in recent years. Natural inputs, such as compost and cover crops, are used in organic farming instead of industrial pesticides and fertilizers to preserve the fertility and health of the soil. In Canada, the demand for organic food has steadily increased in recent years as more people look for locally made goods that are produced using sustainable farming practices. In Canada, there are now more organic farms than ever before, and there are also more jobs in this industry as a result of the boom in demand.

Growing attention to sustainable farming methods is another trend in Canadian agriculture. Crop rotation, cover crops, and decreased tillage are among the techniques that farmers are using more and more to improve soil health and cut back on the usage of synthetic inputs like fertilizers and pesticides. In fields like agroecology, which involves the study of sustainable agricultural methods, and precision agriculture, which employs technology like GPS and drones to improve crop yields and reduce inputs, this shift toward sustainability has produced new job opportunities.

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New job opportunities are also being created in the agriculture sector as a result of the use of new technologies. Precision agriculture, which optimizes farming operations using data analytics and machine learning, is becoming more and more popular in Canada, especially in the grain and oilseed industry. In agriculture, robotics and automation are also becoming increasingly common, with tools like automated milking

500+Agriculture Jobs in Canada Jobs Details

EmployerJob Bank Canada
Job Role:500+Agriculture Jobs in Canada
Career Level:Mid Career
Job Type:Full Time-Part Time
Min. Education:High School / Secondary
Job Category:Canada Government Jobs / Agriculture Jobs / Construction Jobs
Nationality:All Nationality Can Apply
Min. Experience:1-2 Years
Job Location:Across the Canada
Salary:2500- 7500 Per Month
Benefits:Will be discussed in the interview
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Agriculture Jobs in Canada

A crucial component of the Canadian economy, the agriculture sector offers a variety of work opportunities for persons with various skill sets and interests. This article will examine 20 positions in Canadian agriculture, ranging from farm laborers to research scientists, and offer insights into the opportunities and trends facing the sector.

Farm Manager: Farm managers are in charge of overseeing the daily operations of a farm, including the production of crops and livestock, farm finances, and the management of farm personnel.

Breeders of livestock are in charge of breeding and rearing animals for use in the production of meat, dairy, and other agricultural goods. They strive to make the animals’ genetic qualities better while also making sure they are healthy and cared for.

Agricultural Equipment Operator: Agricultural equipment operators are in charge of driving and maintaining agricultural machinery like harvesters, tractors, and plows. They carry out regular maintenance and repairs while making sure the equipment is operated safely and effectively.

Agronomist: Agronomists are trained in the study of plants and use their expertise to increase crop yields and sustainability. They work to create cutting-edge farming methods and technologies, study crops, and advise farmers on best practices.

Food Safety Inspector: It is the job of food safety inspectors to make sure that food products adhere to safety and quality standards. To ensure compliance with rules and guidelines, they audit farms, food processing facilities, and other locations where food is produced.

Agricultural Consultant: Agricultural consultants advise and direct farmers on the best methods for raising crops and livestock as well as other facets of managing an agricultural enterprise.

Crop Scouts keep an eye out for pests, diseases, and other problems that could impair crop quality and productivity. They offer advice to farmers on how to handle their crops and how to promote crop health.

Analyzing and testing seed samples to make sure they adhere to legal and ethical requirements is the job of a seed analyzer. They strive to recognize and stop problems like contamination and disease spread through seeds.

Scientists who specialize in soil do research on the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of soil and how these impact plant growth and health. They seek to create plans for enhancing the fertility and health of the soil.

Agroeconomists: Agroeconomists research the financial elements of agriculture, such as supply and demand, costing, and market trends. They give information about the variables influencing agricultural markets and aid farmers and agribusinesses in making wise choices.

Precision agriculture specialist: Precision agriculture specialists optimize crop yields and minimize inputs like fertilizers and pesticides by using technology such as GPS and drones. In order to pinpoint areas where farming methods might be enhanced, they evaluate data and make recommendations to farmers.

Farm Laborer: Farm laborers handle a range of duties on the farm, including cleaning, upkeep, and repairs. They help with livestock maintenance and crop planting and harvesting.

Greenhouse Grower: Greenhouse growers raise plants in greenhouses and indoor hydroponic systems, which are controlled conditions. To make sure that plants are strong and productive, they try to improve the growth environment.

Food scientist: Food scientists research the chemistry, physics, biology, and safety of food. They carry out research on food-related topics, create novel food items, and make sure food meets safety and quality standards.

Apiarists are beekeepers who look after and manage honeybees. They manage bee colonies, gather honey and other bee products, and seek to stop problems like colony collapse disorder.

Managing wooded lands includes planting and harvesting trees, eradicating pests and diseases, and conducting research on the ecology of forests. This work is done by forestry technicians.

Horticulturist: Plant cultivators that specialize in growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and decorative plants are known as horticulturists.

Agricultural Lawyer12$115,820
Agricultural Economist10$104,920
Environmental Engineer18$86,800
Bioinformatics Scientist11$80,200
Agronomy Sales Manager24$76,470
Agricultural Engineer52$74,480
Food Scientist20$71,990
Animal Geneticist24$68,840
Agricultural Operations Manager80$61,080

Other Popular Agriculture Job Vacancies Available in Canada

Crop SpecialistAgriculture Officer
Production ManagerFarm Manager
Food MicrobiologistSilvicultural Researcher
HorticulturalistFertilizer Sales Representative
Food ResearcherSoil Surveyor
Soil EngineerAgricultural Food Scientist
Agricultural InspectorAgricultural Manager
AgronomistAquatic Ecologist
ArboristSoil And Plant Scientist
General Farm Worker, LabourerFarm Hand/Helper

Now Recently Updating Job Below

Cannabis trim labourerTantalus Pharmaceuticals LtdMaple Ridge (BC)$19.00 hourly
Nursery managerEdgewater Plant Inc.Aldergrove (BC)$22.00 hourly
Farm foreman/woman1246082 Alberta Ltd.Ardmore (AB)$20.00 to $23.50 hourly
Horticulture workers supervisorTheron Horton Design Inc.North Vancouver (BC)$25.00 to $28.00 hourly
Landscape labourerTheron Horton Design Inc.North Vancouver (BC)$20.00 to $22.00 hourly
Fruit farm workerTahir M. RazaVarious s$15.65 hourly
Vegetable pickerBig Marble Farms Inc.Medicine Hat (AB)$18.00 to $21.00 hourly
HerdspersonHardenberg & Sons Farm Management Ltd.Dewdney (BC)$18.00 hourly
Worker, landscapeSutherland Landscaping LTDAbbotsford (BC)$18.00 to $24.00 hourly
Apiary workerButz ApiariesCarnwood (AB)$16.52 hourly
General labourer – landscapingAjaraGatineau (QC)$18.00 to $30.00 hourly
General labourer – landscapingAlain Lauzon PaysagisteGatineau (QC)$18.00 to $30.00 hourly
Labourer, fruit farmingA & M Toor Farm Ltd.Abbotsford (BC)$15.65 hourly
Snow shoveller – grounds maintenanceCrystal Edge Landscaping IncCalgary (AB)$23.00 to $29.00 hourly
Farm worker, fruitGibson Farms IncNewcastle (ON)$15.83 hourly
Snow shoveller – grounds maintenanceCrystal Edge Landscaping IncCalgary (AB)$23.00 to $29.00 hourly
Farm workers supervisorAshiana Organic Farms IncSurrey (BC)$19.00 hourly
Greenhouse workerBeaver Dam NurseryOkotoks (AB)$15.65 hourly
Beekeeping technicianWolf Creek HoneyPonoka (AB)$16.00 to $18.00 hourly
Tree planter, seasonalCanadian National Growers Inc.Sainte-Anne-de-Kent (NB)$14.00 hourly
Fruit farmerCanadian National Growers Inc.Sainte-Anne-de-Kent (NB)$19.50 hourly
Farm equipment operatorMiao’s FarmSt. John’s (NL)$14.50 to $15.00 hourly
Landscaping foreman/womanA.R. Rietzel Landscaping Ltd.Lutes Mountain (NB)$21.80 hourly
Labourer, farmOxford Cattle Company Ltd.Burgessville (ON)$15.83 to $19.50 hourly
Racehorse exerciserKEVIN ATTARD RACING STABLEEtobicoke (ON)$1,820.81 biweekly
Landscape workerMennen Landscaping Ltd.Langley (BC)$18.50 to $20.00 hourly
Farm machinery operatorFotheringham Farms LTDReston (MB)$24.00 to $35.00 hourly
Greenhouse worker5001947 Ontario IncLincoln (ON)$15.83 hourly
Farm supervisorHillside Hothouse LtdRuthven (ON)$20.11 hourly
Farm worker, generalBryan Family Farm LtdKelowna (BC)$19.00 hourly
Apiary workerHilbert Honey Co LtdHumboldt (SK)$13.00 hourly
Apiary workerButz ApiariesCarnwood (AB)$16.52 to $16.75 hourly
Apiary technicianHilbert Honey Co LtdHumboldt (SK)$13.52 hourly
Apiary technicianHilbert Honey Co LtdHumboldt (SK)$13.52 hourly
Landscaping supervisorGreen West Landscaping & Fencing Ltd.Surrey (BC)$27.00 hourly
Landscape gardening helperJ DHALIWAL GARDENING & LANDSCAPING LTD.Surrey (BC)$20.00 hourly
Worker, farmBains Orchards Inc.Kelowna (BC)$16.00 to $18.00 hourly
Farm worker, generalPirrie Creek FarmsAylmer (ON)$15.83 hourly
Landscape workerdwyer landscapingWalton (ON)$20.00 to $30.00 hourly
Farm workerDi Ciocco Sonny Farms IncLeamington (ON)$15.83 hourly
Farm labourerMarinuk Farms LtdScotland (ON)$15.83 hourly
Landscape labourerWild Ridge Landscapes Inc.Nepean (ON)$18.50 hourly
Farm workerDi Ciocco Farms IncorporatedLeamington (ON)$15.83 hourly
Farm worker, fruitBains Orchards Inc.Kelowna (BC)$16.00 to $18.00 hourly
Farm worker, generalM. R. Tiwana Farms LimitedSurrey (BC)$15.65 hourly
Farm operation supervisorPD Hightek Farm LtdSurrey (BC)$21.20 hourly
Greenhouse labourerGranary Road FEC LTD.Foothills (AB)$15.65 hourly
Farm worker, generalGreat Lakes Greenhouses Inc.Leamington (ON)$15.50 hourly
Feller buncher operatorNorth View Timber LtdLake Cowichan (BC)$43.06 hourly
Greenhouse labourer1855878 Ontario Inc.Various s$15.83 to $17.50 hourly
Landscape maintenance contractorMurray’s Landscape Services Ltd.Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s (NL)$17.00 to $22.00 hourly
Labourer, landscapeMurray’s Landscape Services Ltd.Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s (NL)$14.00 to $19.00 hourly
Forest nursery labourerMountain View Growers Inc.Summerland (BC)$15.65 hourly
Dairy farm labourer6680283 Canada IncSt-Eugène (ON)$15.83 hourly
General labourer – farmKlassen Greenhouse Farms Inc.Cottam (ON)$15.83 hourly
General labourer – farmAshiana Organic Farms IncSurrey (BC)$18.25 hourly
Landscape workerPreet-Y Gardening Services Inc.Surrey (BC)$26.45 hourly
Farm worker, generalBoem Berry FarmKingsville (ON)$15.50 hourly
General labourer – landscapingTwig & Owl Tree Care Ltd.Picture Butte (AB)$18.00 to $21.00 hourly
Dairy farm workerHabiland Farms Ltd.Norwich (ON)$18.00 hourly
Greenhouse workerAphria IncLeamington (ON)$15.50 hourly
General labourer – farmParsons Farm Market LTD.Keremeos (BC)$15.65 hourly
Farm worker, generalPaul/Shawna ChaddockLancaster (ON)$15.50 hourly
Dairy herdspersonPaul/Shawna ChaddockLancaster (ON)$16.58 hourly
Dairy farm workerFerme R & H Blanchard LtéeEmbrun (ON)$15.50 to $18.50 hourly
General labourer – farmHy Hope FarmPickering (ON)$15.83 hourly
Fruit farm labourerRichwin Farms Inc.Jordan Station (ON)$15.83 hourly
Horticulture labourerDomaine Laforest S.E.N.C.Petit-Saguenay (QC)$16.00 to $20.00 hourly
Labourer, landscapeCréateur Paysagiste JLXQuébec (QC)$16.25 to $18.00 hourly
Operator, mechanical harvester – loggingNext Generation Forest Management LtdBarneys River Station (NS)$20.00 to $24.00 hourly
Farm foreman/womanMcNeill Farms Ltd.Empress (AB)$25.00 hourly
Farm worker, grainMcNeill Farms Ltd.Empress (AB)$21.42 hourly
Park maintenance labourerLethbridge CountyPicture Butte (AB)$19.20 to $27.04 hourly
Farm worker, generalFRANK REID & SONSAirdrie (AB)$18.00 hourly
Landscaping supervisorULS Maintenance & Landscaping Inc.Nisku (AB)$28.00 to $30.00 hourly

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