5 Keys Of Trading For A Living: Benefits Versus Drawbacks

Trading for a living can be a changeling task, and you can be free to do anything, live, and work anywhere you want. You can be your boss and control things the way you want.

The fundamental truth is that many people admire this, but only a few succeed in it. Many traders lose due the game is challenging and out of orientation, discipline and ignorance.

Trading for a living is another cause entire because they are tactics to it. According to our research, about a hundred thousand investors have pursued trading for a living career while some fail to succeed in it.

Expert Dr Alexander Elder says successful trading is based on three things, Method, Mind, and Money. Trading for a Living helps discipline your Mind, shows you some method for trading the markets without losing, and typically offer you how to manage money in your trading accounts.

Any businessman needs to know these three things and use them to be successful in trading.

Trading for a living will help you to master some tips:

  • Individual psychology: Ways to become a disciplined trader
  • Mass psychology: Know the exact when to join the crowd and when to leave it
  • Classical charting: Identify support and resistance
  • The neglected essentials: Read volume, open interest, and time cycles
  • Psychological indicators: Profit from contrary opinion theory
  • Trading systems: Learn about the Triple Screen trading system
  • Risk management: All about stops and profit targets

These seven tips of trading for a living help you in any aspect in your businesses. Seeking wisdom from those who have more experience, and general financial advice or even investment instruction can be a great idea to get enough knowledge, either as a hobby or a career.

Trading for a living

Many people find success and whereby success is not a day job. However, those investors who trade for a living use day trading strategies also revealed that several people of day traders lose money over the long term.

But, that doesn’t diminish the allure of trading for a living. Freedom to be your boss in any business, work whenever you want, and be financially secure.

Note: Facts about trading for a living are harsh because they require a unique skill set and risk tolerance that most people don’t possess.

5 Keys Of Trading For A Living

Trading Requires Discipline

Discipline is essential in business, and being able to trade for a living successfully means achieving a level of focus and discipline that 80% of people will never succeed.

Any career you may choose, this is opposed to traditional investors, that buy relatively safe products and let their equity grow over decades.

Another thing is that no one is here to discourage anyone from pursuing their dream. If you eventually want to go for trading for a living, it is imperative to go into it with your two eyes wide open.

Get Educated About Trading

Some people waked up and decided to quit their job because of the low earning. Now you may think of leaving the job, and starting trading, trying to spend some time educating yourself about every detail related to trading.

You must know all types of trading that go on in the markets. However, those Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) all offer traders valuable information.

It would be best if you didn’t leap into a full-time trading career until you balanced with the ample profitability through various market conditions on a trading simulator. Then study the theories, products, and institutional players in the markets and use your knowledge.

Choose a Good Trading Strategy

Set Aside Some Income

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Benefits vs Drawbacks

Even though there is a difficulty, there are some apparent benefits to trading for a living. 

  • No boss – There is boss to control you. You are your boss and can work the way you want.
  • Hours –  You can resume working at your own convenient time. Set your working hours.
  • Overheads – There is no more expensive train ticket to get to your workplace.
  • Comfort – Whilst everyone else is ironing their shirt for the day ahead, you can slip into some comfy clothes and begin your 15-foot commute to your desk, with a fresh cup of coffee. 


  • Solitary lifestyle
  • Career progression
  • The battle against bots
  • Inconsistent salary

Are you investors, or an individual who wants to pursue trading for a living? The above information can get you moving by making use of it.

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