5 Interview Mistakes That Will Kill Your Job Chances

After you graduate from school, the next thing is to look for a job, and the problem is that most people fumble which led to their first interview mistakes.

According to the research we did, it was revealed that 80% of people looking for a job didn’t perform well.

Some people don’t have the boldness to speak when been ask a question, and interviews can be incredibly nervous; for that reason, it is imperative to get ready every time.

Interview mistakes can be crazy at times as you will be confused when getting to some extent. Meanwhile, the most common job interview mistakes are less jaw-dropping.

Either you are looking for a job now, or in the future, you will probably experience an interview at some point, and interview mistakes can occur.

Preparing for an interview and preparing for questions and what they don’t want you to do. Try to sleep on time and make sure to do some research.

You can have the job if you read about the company history and what they do beforehand. All those simple things will give you the upper hand ahead of other candidates.

If you have experienced job interviews before or not, you will notice that some candidates who were interviewed before you stayed longer in the room, and it only took you five minutes in there. In case you are curious, some interview mistakes quickly kill your chances of getting the interview done well.

Knowing how to avoid all these interview mistakes can get you your dream job.

Get this well, no that there are some questions you will be asked, and then there are questions you need to ask yourself.

Because the facts that is that making a good impression at a job interview deal with a lot and which is more than just dressing appropriately.

We have gathered some questions relating to interview mistakes. These include;

How do you deliberately fail an interview

You can fail an interview in many ways, that is, if you want to.

  1. Pretend You Know an Answer That You Don’t.
  2. Under-prepare.
  3. Too Much Name Dropping.
  4. Be a Robot.
  5. Sit Back and Take the Questions.
  6. Using Too Much Jargon.
  7. Memorize Answers.

Is it proper to write something down during an interview?

Well, with our research, we can say yes and no. Because it is 100 percent acceptable to bring notes to a job interview if the notes contain questions you gather in advance to ask your interviewers.

Signs that you nailed the interview

  • Their Body Language Gives It Away.
  • The Conversation Turns Casual.
  • Indicate That They Like What They Hear. 
  • You Keep Meeting More Team Members.
  • The Start Talking Perks. 
  • The Interview Runs Over. 
  • You Get Details on Next Steps.

Is it proper to look at your resume during an interview?

My advice is that you should not try it during the interview because this will refer to a sign that you may be nervous or say you fabricated something.

You are expected to know all your details without looking at anything again.

5 Interview Mistakes That Will Kill Your Job Chances

Interview mistakes can make you lost your dream job, and in order not to experience that, we will list out some tips on how to over them.


The first thing you must avoid, as lateness can jeopardize your dream job. Some candidates will be arriving for interviews an hour late, and there won’t be any embarrassment after that.

Lying about your experience

Lying about your experience can get the interviewer to kick you out of the room. Remember that your CV has been thoroughly scrutinized before you call for the interview, so lying about anything can be another problem.

And the aim of the job interview is to get all the experience they want in you through the CV you submitted.

When going round in circles when asked a question


Bad attitude

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