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Electricity and Magnetism | SEE Physics Notes

Electricity and Magnetism | SEE Physics Notes Electricity: Definition: The flow of electrons through conductor is called Electricity. The electricity is the flow of charge per second. Q = 2t or, i = Q/t = charge/ time Father of Electricity: Michael Faraday Types of electricity: a) Ac (Alternating current) b) DC (Direct current), etc. AC … Read more

Essay on Jitiya Festival


Essay on Jitiya Festival Jitiya is an important festival of Nepali married women of Mithilanchal and Tharu women of all castes. This festival is named after Masabashi’s son Jimutavahana, a blessing son of the sun. Masabashi was an unmarried princess who spent her life as hermit living in a hermitage. Jitiya falls in the month … Read more

Essay on Environment Pollution


Essay on Environment Pollution All the living beings live in nature. Because of modern urbanization, etc. The natural environment has been changed adversely. Pollution refers to the contamination of waste products which we find in our environment. It means the degradation of quality and the number of natural resources. There are different types of pollution … Read more

Human Nervous | SEE Biology Notes


Human Nervous | SEE Biology Notes Stimulus: The external substance which can change morphology and physiology of organism is called Stimulus. Examples:- a) Light b) Pressure/ Touch c) Heat d) Gravity e) Water f) Flow of wind g) Chemical, etc. Response: Definition: The change seems in the organism is called Response/ Reaction. Example: a) When we … Read more

Invertebrates Class 10 | SEE Biology Notes


Invertebrates Class 10 | SEE Biology Notes Useful Insects/ Invertebrates:- Silkworm Honeybee, etc. Honeybee: It is a social insect because it has a division of labor. The queen workers and drones have distinct roles in honey-comb. Apiculture: The cultivation of honey bees. Sericulture: The cultivation of silkworm. Life cycle: Completed in four stages:-  Puparium: The outer coat of … Read more