Essay on My Hobbies


Essay on My Hobbies Everybody needs pleasure. we have different means of entertainment. Hobby is one of the ways of entertaining doing something repeatedly. We can utilize our spare time doing something as our hobbies. Hobbies make people feel entertained. My hobby is programming, I love to code and create new logics all the time. Most of … Read more

Essay on Mountaineering in Nepal


Essay on Mountaineering in Nepal Nepal is a mountainous country. We can see much snows-capped lofty mountains. The highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest, attracts many tourists. Many people climb other mountains, too. Many Nepali Sherpa’s has employed in the field of mountaineering. They scale the mountains for the two purposes: at first to … Read more

Light Class 10 | SEE Physics Notes


Light Class 10 | SEE Notes Light: Definition: The light is the form of energy which produces the sensation of vision to our eyes. The light is invisible itself but it makes object visible. Its electromagnetic wave of velocity is 3×108m/s in vacuum or air. The study of light is optics. Lens: Definition: The lens is the … Read more

What is heat? Class10| SEE Physics Notes

Heat-class-10-Physics-Note- SEE

What is Heat? Class 10| SEE Physics notes Heat: Definition: The heat is a form of energy which produces the sensation of warmth (Hotness). It is measured in Joule(J). Temperature: Definition: The degree of hotness or coldness of a body is called temperature.Its SI unit is Kelvin (K). A relation between Joule and Calorie: 2.4 Joule=1 … Read more

Energy Class 10 | SEE Physics Notes


Energy Class 10 | SEE Physics Notes Energy: Energy: The Capacity of doing work is called Energy. Its SI unit is Joule(J). Source of Energy: Renewable source of energy. Non-Renewable source of energy, etc. Renewable source of energy and non-renewable source of energy: Renewable source of energy Non-Renewable source of energy The source of energy which … Read more