How to Ace a Telephone Interview

telephone interview

Telephone Interview A telephone interview can be significant and get you your dream job if you perform well during the interview by showing a reasonable manner. Everyone knows that a telephone interview is not typical, and a resume may even no longer be ample to get you through the door. Companies or their outside recruiters … Read more

Basic Guide And 12 Types Of Verb Tenses

verb tenses 2

Verb Tenses The word verb tenses give an explanatory sentence on something, either present, past, or future. Verb tenses come in three different ways: As we said above, it deals with the present, past, and future. Furthermore, the past is utilized to describe things that have already happened today, yesterday, two weeks ago, or two … Read more

Is Anxiety Genetic? Know Your Wellbeing Now

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Anxiety The word “is anxiety genetic” can be described in many ways, and many people do experience it during their lifetime. But the thing is, anxiety is not normal if it takes over your life. Is anxiety genetic? It is a talk of the town among people because several factors can put you at risk … Read more

100+ Present Indefinite Tense with Examples and its Definition

Present Indefinite Tense with examples

What is Present Indefinite Tense? Present Indefinite tense is used when denoting an action that is happening now or something that happens regularly. The tense is commonly known as Simple present tense. The format of present indefinite tense is ‘subject base form of verb + object’. For example, in the sentence, ‘She writes a letter, … Read more

50+ Fill in the blanks with correct form of verb with examples

correct form of verb with examples

Fill in the blanks with correct form of verb with examples 1 .Raju ….. Football Played Plays Playing 2. They are ….. Food Cooks Cooked Cooking 3. He …. about the meeting Forgotten Forgot Forgetting 4. Rani is ….. a beautiful song. Singing Sings Sang 5. Boss ….. him to the meeting. Invites Invited Inviting … Read more