What is heat? Class10| SEE Physics Notes

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What is Heat? Class 10| SEE Physics notes Heat: Definition: The heat is a form of energy which produces the sensation of warmth (Hotness). It is measured in Joule(J). Temperature: Definition: The degree of hotness or coldness of a body is called temperature.Its SI unit is Kelvin (K). A relation between Joule and Calorie: 2.4 Joule=1 … Read more

Energy Class 10 | SEE Physics Notes


Energy Class 10 | SEE Physics Notes Energy: Energy: The Capacity of doing work is called Energy. Its SI unit is Joule(J). Source of Energy: Renewable source of energy. Non-Renewable source of energy, etc. Renewable source of energy and non-renewable source of energy: Renewable source of energy Non-Renewable source of energy The source of energy which … Read more

Pressure Class 10| SEE Physics Notes


Pressure Class 10| SEE Physics Notes Pressure: Definition: The pressure is the force applied on a per unit area. Formula of Pressure (P)= Force(F)/Area(A) P= F/A Unit of Pressure= Force(F)/Area(A)= F/m²= pascal(pa). Pascal(P): P=  F/A= 1N/1m²= 1/1 = 1pascal The 1 pascal is the pressure when 1N force is applied at 1m². Atmospheric Pressure: Definition: The … Read more

Force Class 10 | SEE Physics Notes


Force Class 10 | SEE Physics Notes Force: Definition: The force is an external factor or agency which change or tend to change the state of objects. The definition of force is given by the first law of motion given by Newton. Its measurement is given by the second law of motion. F = m.a = Mass … Read more